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Submission + - Schneier: Police data-mining done right (

enharmonix writes: "Courtesy of Bruce Schneier, it's nice to hear something good about data mining for a change: predicting and stopping crime. For example, police in Redmond, VA, "started overlaying crime reports with other data, such as weather, traffic, sports events and paydays for large employers. The data was analyzed three times a day and something interesting emerged: Robberies spiked on paydays near cheque cashing storefronts in specific neighbourhoods. Other clusters also became apparent, and pretty soon police were deploying resources in advance and predicting where crime was most likely to occur.""

Submission + - What were you most important/valuable CS courses?

An anonymous reader writes: Looking back now, which CS courses did you take in college are the most valuable/important? I'm going to major in math or science or engineering, and I wanted to construct my own "minor" in CS from just the really important classes. I can program okay and can self-study alot of things, but I was wondering which classes you think were key. Or, was there not anything that important that you could not pick it up yourself? And, in a similar vein, was a lot gained from having your work graded?

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