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Journal Nymz's Journal: Idle section for making fun of Mexicans? and the Blind? 3

As I'm writing this, the front page has an Idle story about Mexicans getting chips implanted because abductions are up over 40%. Is this funny because many abductees are never seen again (the subject matter), or is it funny to /. editors because it's happening to Mexicans?

Earlier I submitted this story, of the National Federation of the Blind asking for help, along with an article about developing technical solutions, and along with an article about growing government involvement. But I see it just ended up rewritten by Samzenpus to be a joke in Slashdots new Idle section. (our offtopic humor/meme/viral video/pictures section)

Here is an example of something that is actually funny, without being racist or belittling the blind. Polish actors hired to stand in line for iPhones. It's not funny because of Poland, but because the subject matter is about a company that hired actors, to pretend to stand in line, in order to manufacture hype, for an already over-priced product. So, is this Slashdot:Idle section really a good idea?
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Idle section for making fun of Mexicans? and the Blind?

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  • No. It sucks. It has always sucked. And probably always will suck. It will turn Slashdot into AOL... And September is just around the corner. Ahh, the power of money.

    • by Nymz ( 905908 )

      It will turn Slashdot into AOL...

      At first I was skeptical when they recommended hiding Idle with site preference, but with time it's becoming increasing clear that it can only reduce the quality of the entire Slashdot site.

      • Well, Finally! I can hide it. I couldn't before, and that's why I was so pissed. The big problem now comes when they hide actually important stories in there. I certainly hope other people will pick up the option, and maybe the money men will get the hint. Now, about that damn firehose...and all those binspam accounts popping up. Too much of that crap is getting on the front page these days also. It's like a bunch of moonies moving into town so they can stuff the ballot boxes.

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