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Comment Re:But those Snapchat users *aren't* coming back! (Score 1) 150

In percentage and absolute terms, Google is more profitable than Microsoft, which "only" earned $17B net income on $85B sales.

Facebook, though, kept 37% of it's $27.6B last year. If this is the future, then FB will be raking in the cash for decades to come.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 3, Insightful) 289

The valuation on Tesla is insane, just like all the 'unicorn' ones, investors obsessed with new and novel behaving irrationally.


Tesla's P/E ratio is... non-existent.
GM's P/E ratio is 5.7 and their dividend yield is 4.46%. GM's If investors had *any* sense, GM's P/E ratio would be 16, which would make it's market cap $141.6B, and Tesla's market cap would be around $10B.

Honestly, obsessing about market cap is *stupid*.

Comment Re: Boldly? Daring? (Score 1) 86

Sure, human life isn't all that hangs in the balance, if for nothing else than since the dawn of humanity, girls have been crushing the souls of ardent admirers who've tried to do something more than yearn from afar.

And we risk our own money all the time by investing in new ventures. But... we risk our own money: failure means dropping down the socio-economic ladder, with all that entails.

It would also be a risky move if Cassini were just arriving at Saturn and hadn't done any of it's planned science yet (thus risking the loss of all the knowledge that we would have obtained). It might even rise to the level of "audaciously bold". But not adventurously courageous. (Although... if the scientist who suggested/designed and programmed this maneuver on a brand new probe would get fired if he botched it up, that would be daring!)

But this craft is going to die anyway. There's just zero risk in this situation.

Comment Re:Boldly? Daring? (Score 1) 86

This can be a boldly daring act.

What's the consequence of failure of failing to defeat the Pterodactyl? Nothing. Your avatar dies and instantly regenerates.

Thus, not a boldly daring act.

attacking the Unbeatable(?) Pterodactyl in mid-air is boldly daring within the context of the game.

That makes it a pseudo-boldly daring act, not an actual boldly daring act.

Now... if you were strapped to electrodes which gave you a long painful jolt every time you "died" in a video game, then attacking the Unbeatable Pterodactyl in mid-air would actually be boldly daring.

Comment Re: Boldly? Daring? (Score 1) 86

They've been controlling interplanetary probes using 335 year old formulae for 35 years.

Nothing about sitting in a comfy, air-conditioned shirt-sleeve room and programming maneuvers for a 20 year old craft which you've been flying around Saturn for 12 years is risky, audaciously bold, or adventurously courageous.

Now... if this were a manned expedition, that would be bold and daring!!! Why? Because that's actual risk.

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