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Comment Re:Is it real meat? (Score 1) 351

I've worked with asbestos you tool. Idiots were declaring it safe while people were dying.

People die, too, from automobiles. Lots of people. But we don't ban them.

Just like we don't ban sand, even though lots of people have caught (and died from) silicosis by spraying it and working in highly dusty conditions without protection. BTW, guess what asbestos is made of? Silicon, just like sand.

You tool.

Comment Re:1.54M NEW customers. (Score 4, Informative) 450

That's not at all what I'm referring to.

BeauHD wrote, "The company did however report only 1.54 million subscribers", which means... the company had 1.54 million subscribers. Obvious, right? But that's not what the article said.

This is nothing more than Yet Another Case of poor /. editorship.

Comment Re:Is it real meat? (Score 1) 351

and then think about how it could apply in other industries.

You're copping out. Tell me which laws and regulations inhibit competition in this industry.

You may then understand why there are so many regulations and now only a few very large players in an industry that used to have a lot of competition.

I voted for Reagan, twice. Even studied Economics. So I know all about how regulations hurt industry.

But it's not always "gubbment regglations". Sometimes it's lawyers+insurance companies (think of what they did to they asbestos industry). And -- shockingly -- sometimes the most aggressive and efficient businesses just get bigger and buy or drive out the rest.

Comment Re:Is it real meat? (Score 1) 351

Clearly something is preventing businesses setting up meatworks

Clear to you, but not to me (mostly because I've never thought about it before now).

in small towns a long way from where your strawmen live

It might be corrupt legislators and regulators. Or really big slaughterhouses might just be more economically viable than small ones. (The actual -- as opposed to stated -- preference of shoppers for supermarkets -- the bigger, the better -- over Mom and Pop grocery stores is almost certainly a driver in the demise of local abattoirs.)

Comment Re:Is it real meat? (Score 1) 351

Limitations on how many slaughterhouses can exist, for one.

Why do those regulations exist? Was it rich, urban PETA fools who didn't like the thought or smell of abattoirs in their cities?

it needs to be feasible for producers to get their cattle to where it can be slaughtered.

There's enough meat in every supermarket that I go to that there doesn't seem to be any problem with getting animals to slaughterhouses.

Comment Re:"It was also a bit chilling" (Score 1) 138

Worrying about it does not mean they expected it.

"If I should show up dead on Monday, it wasn't me." means that he more than half-expected it.

The Government has a much better method of silencing Americans on American soil: the Aaron Swartz Gambit (legally harass emotionally weak people until they commit suicide).

Are you aware that a number of Iranian scientists have been assassinated?

I've heard it, and it's irrelevant to whether or not Symantec researchers would be assassinated by Western powers.

The sailors on the USS Liberty thought that before they died.

You're comparing American civilians working in America to Navy sailors in a Navy ship. That's... weak.

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