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Submission + - Cop gets busted by guy with video camera in car (

markviii writes: A St. George, Mo police officer threatens a man sitting in his car in a commuter parking lot. Little does he know that the man has video camera rigged to his car and records the whole incident. "A motorist who refused to discuss his personal business with a St. George, Missouri police officer was threatened with arrest last Friday. Brett Darrow, 20, no stranger to unconventional encounters with police, caught a St. George Police Sergeant James Kuehnlein stating that he had the power to invent charges that would put Darrow behind bars."

Submission + - Site Teaches Joe User Security -- Through Cartoons

ancientribe writes: Educating end users with tap-dancing Elvis impersonators as an analogy for Web-site spoofing? A new Website launched with the help of cryptography and phishing expert Markus Jakobsson is trying a new tack, using cartoons to interpret the perils of the Internet for the everyday end user, according to this article in Dark Reading. At least two major financial institutions are likely to adopt the new SecurityCartoon site content for their own online customers' training on phishing, pharming, malware, and other online scams.

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