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Journal Noryungi's Journal: Compiling Dillo 2.0 on OpenBSD 4.3

If you have never tried it, Dillo is a great lightweight browser. It is fast, fairly complete (except for nagging CSS and frames non-display) and simple to use.

While it is not - in my opinion - the best browser around, it has some very interesting uses, especially for reading documentation or browsing the web on very limited hardware.

And, finally, Dillo has released its 2.0 version, which is a complete rewrite, using FLTK2 for its GUI, and tons of enhancements (such as tabbed browsing, anti-aliasing, etc.).

I can testify that the speed of Dillo 2.0 is simply unbelievable: launching the program is instantaneous on my little machine at work. And this is a Pentium III 800Mhz, with 190MB of RAM, running fluxbox 0.9.1: hardly the most powerful machine on Earth.

Now, compiling Dillo 2.0 on OpenBSD 4.3 is surprisingly easy. To do this, follow the three easy steps below:

  • First things first: make sure you have GNU tar and GNU make installed from the OpenBSD packages. This will help a great deal.
  • Download FLTK2, version 2.0.x-r6403, from its home site, compile and install that (configure && /usr/local/bin/gmake && sudo /usr/local/bin/gmake install should take care of that). Compiling and installing both complain with a lot of warnings, but you can safely ignore these.
  • Download Dillo 2.0 source code from its home site, and compile and install (see above: the same commands work for both). Again a lot of warnings during the compilation, but the software itself works like a charm.

And... That's it! If, like me, you installed Dillo-0.8.6 from the OpenBSD packages, just remember to rename /usr/local/bin/dillo as /usr/local/bin/dillo-0.8, or somesuch before running the Dillo installation, and you are done.

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Compiling Dillo 2.0 on OpenBSD 4.3

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