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Comment Re:One word... (Score 3, Informative) 100

A real bad way to go and apparently it's often not detected until it's too late; of entertainment people I know of who went that way Patrick Swayze, John Hurt, Steve Jobs, Alan Rickman, Pavarottti, Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster and the judge in My Cousin Vinnie), Pernell Roberts, Brock Peters, Frank Herbert and I'm sure there's more that I can't think of.

A cousin of mine had terminal liver cancer and his son told me the last three months were bad (he didn't want to see any family after a certain point) he was in agony and it was long and drawn out, it's a terrible way to go and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Comment How many times... (Score 4, Insightful) 230

Over the years how many announcements / articles that promise some revolutionary technology have been talked about on here and yet years later they're still nowhere near being on the market. We're still waiting for those rollable / foldable displays that have been on the horizon for years, the closest that I've seen is a video of an LG prototype at this years CES show, you couldn't even hold it as they only had one and it was behind plastic; no shipping products use it yet.

There have been articles on here before about some university saying they have working nano-tube enhanced capacitors that will replace conventional batteries and promise unlimited and very quick recharges and yet still not on the market. When this gets on the market it'll be a revolution for mobile devices and probably electric cars too since they currently take 6 to 8 hours to charge, the Tesla high power wall charger promises to recharge in 3.5 hours but it's not like you can take that with you on the road.

Comment Microsoft SOP (Score 1, Interesting) 172

It's been Microsoft standard operating procedure for a long time, "we'll do what we want and the hell with customer feedback or anything the customers want". I was honestly amazed that they reversed course on the start button removal in Windows 8, the backlash must have been truly historic.

Comment Re:Like something out of a bad film (Score 1) 156

Yes, most of the crew including Wayne were smokers but would it have been as bad without the radiation exposure? Also I read a article a number of years ago (I can't find it right now otherwise I'd post a link) that at least three members of the crew died of cancers not usually associated with smoking such as leukemia and Agnes Moorehead (mostly know as Samantha's mother from Bewitched) died of uterine cancer, again not a type of cancer usually associated with smoking. Susan Hayward (the leading lady) died of brain cancer, Pedro Armendáriz killed himself due to the pain of bone cancer, Wikipedia states that 91 out of a total of 220 people of he cast and crew has had or battled of some form of cancer while 46 have died as a result of it. That's a pretty high percentage.

Comment Re:Hopefuly he didn't succumb to Garibaldi's issue (Score 3, Interesting) 156

I'm not sure it's widely known, but several years ago while he was visiting Germany for a convention he was mugged and badly beaten to the point where he had to have a metal plate in his skull. Bill Mumy mentioned that on Facebook in his memorium. Until the autopsy results are released it's impossible to know but to have a steel plate attached to your skull he suffered significant head trauma, it may be related to that but I'm sure we'll find out.

Comment Re:Like something out of a bad film (Score 1, Interesting) 156

I've often wondered that myself, the only other instance I can remember of something like this is the cast of the John Wayne movie The Conqueror. The movie was filmed in the desert where atomic testing was done and many of the cast including John Wayne fought and ultimately died of cancer. So many of the stars of B5 have died it's like the show was cursed or something, it's pretty terrible.

Comment Re:Apple? (Score 1) 729

Thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't sure if that was true or not but I really find Apple's lack of real "specs" i.e. what i7 is under the hood for the price you're paying on their product pages strange especially when you're closing in on 3 grand for a high end iMac. I build my own but every once in a while I look at Dell's site for friends who want to buy a Dell and they give you multiple processor options and name the chip. Having to go to a third party site to find out what's inside the iMac you're looking to buy because the manufacturer doesn't tell you on their own site just seems wrong.

I know there are still a lot of ATI/AMD fans but they've been taking a drubbing both on their drivers not being very stable and having frame rate problems (or so I read in the tech news) as well as price / performance compared to nVidia. I know that nVidia makes some really good graphics for notebooks which would fit in an iMac (I read that the 1070, 1080 will be coming to gaming notebooks in the near future), again it just seems strange that Apple doesn't offer an nVidia graphics option.

Comment Apple? (Score 1) 729

The guys says "Apple has 3 year old components", is that actually the case? When I look the iMac 27 inch on Apple's website under "technical specs" it mentions the i5 and i7 and just speeds (3.3GHz i5 turbo boost up to 3.9GHz) and when you finally put it in your the cart and go to "Check Out" it gives you the option for a 4GHz i7 Turbo boost up to 4.2GHz but no where does it say what chip you are actually getting. If I select the 4GHz i7 and 16GB model it totals $2,749 but it never really says what you're getting under the hood. For that price if I got a 4th or 5th Generation i7 I'd be pretty mad and it doesn't even offer an option for nVidia graphics, just AMD R9 M395 or M395X.

Comment Re:"Desktop" LOL (Score 2) 184

Given the price I think that it's meant for a very select audience.

How many compilers support multi-threaded compiling? I can't find any reference that says Visual C++ complies using multiple threads, but of course that doesn't mean that it doesn't (just that I'm not hitting on the right question) but I'm curious if it does? Most references that I found mentioned that compiling a large project is pretty disk intensive and people recommended a SSD and more ram to speed compilation?

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