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Submission + - Cassini Captures Saturn's Northern Lights (nasa.gov)

al0ha writes: In the first video showing the auroras above the northern latitudes of Saturn, Cassini has spotted the tallest known "northern lights" in the solar system, flickering in shape and brightness high above the ringed planet.

The new video reveals changes in Saturn's aurora every few minutes, in high resolution, with three dimensions. The images show a previously unseen vertical profile to the auroras, which ripple in the video like tall curtains. These curtains reach more than 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) above the edge of the planet's northern hemisphere.

Feed Engadget: Researchers using nano-imprint lithography to make LEDs brighter (engadget.com)

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Considering that there are quite a few nations out there aiming to ditch incandescent bulbs in the not-too-distant future, it follows logic that we should start making LEDs more suitable for in-home use. Of course, we've already seen a couple of advancements in the area, but scientists at Glasgow University -- along with the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde -- have reportedly found a way to make traditional LEDs a fair bit brighter. The process, dubbed nano-imprint lithography, involves "making microscopic holes in the surface of LEDs to increase the level of light they give off." Unfortunately, said process is still quite time consuming and expensive, but you can rest assured they're working to make the process quicker, simpler and cheaper for the good of mankind.

[Via FarEastGizmos]

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Operating Systems

Submission + - Scheduled reboots, what's your religion?

Kator writes: In the real world people say to keep a conversation calm don't bring up Politics or Money. But in the nerd world we have so many things to argue about we could go on for hours just making a list! I've been a Unix hack for 25 years and have gone back and forth with customers over time about rebooting a system on a schedule. I used to think it was cool to see '985+12:50' on my uptime, I mean show me a windows box that's been up for years without a reboot. But as I've gotten more paranoid and concerned about my customer's environments I have slowly come to the conclusion that I would rather reboot a machine in a scheduled maintenance window then have to reboot it in the middle of a panic. I recently had this discussion with a client who has a farm of Solaris machines, many of them with more then 800+ days uptime. In that time they've had several different admins over that period and who knows what has been 'manually' configured etc.

What is you opinion on scheduled reboots -vs- leave 'em running?

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