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Submission + - Another Hit From Netflix (netflix.com) 1

Nom du Keyboard writes: After their recent (up to) 60% price increase, and now losing Starz out of their streaming lineup early next year, Netflix is starting to ship deficient DVD's. I got The Adjustment Bureau from them on DVD. I've preferred DVD's ever since the DVD version of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story had nearly 20 more minutes of movie on it than the streaming version. But with The Adjustment Bureau, all of the bonus features (but not the movie previews) had been stripped out of the DVD and replaced with an ad encouraging the purchase of the retail DVD and/or BluRay version. And no warning on the Netflix page for this movie that this wasn't the full real DVD that they were shipping. What the heck? Is Netflix trying to commit corporate suicide? I'll probably spend a buck at Red Box just to see the bonus features for this film, and have a bad taste in my mouth over it regarding Netflix.

Submission + - Netflix to Inflict Huge 60% Price Increase on Subs (netflix.com)

Nom du Keyboard writes: I just got notice that my current $9.99/month Unlimited DVDs (1-at-a-time) and Unlimited Streaming plan is now split. Now I must choose by September 1 between Unlimited DVDs (1-at-a-time) for $7.99/month (no streaming), or Unlimited Streaming for $7.99/month (no DVDs). Or I can have both – otherwise described as exactly what I have now – for only $15.98. This amounts to a 59.9% increase over my current plan. They must really believe that they have pricing power in this weak economy to try to get away with such a huge price increase since they would lose money from anyone who uses only one of their two services. So much for falling data transport prices making everything cheaper by the year.

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