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Submission + - SPAM: Nokia's Smartphone with 41MP camera 1

An anonymous reader writes: Yes, that’s rite. Nokia’s PureView 808 Smart Phone has 41 Megapixel camera which is built upon the company’s pixel oversampling technology. The PureView 808 will take over from the Nokia N8 smartphone and will be running the Symbian operating system. In an event held at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Nokia has confirmed that it does plan to bring the new technology to a new range of phones which will indeed run the Windows Phone OS. The new technology which will be featured in the PureView smartphone will not only give users the ability to capture images at 41 megapixels, but allows them to zoom, reframe and crop the images, post shooting, which allows access to previously unseen levels of detail. With full 1080P video playback, lossless zoom and higher quality rich recording, it would seem that the Pureview is definitely here to make a statement and will appeal to photography and media fans who appreciate something that is a little bit different. The smartphone should be available sometime in May of this year with pricing structure yet to be announced.
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Submission + - Yahoo Threatens Facebook With Patent War

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo may not be doing so well lately, and the failing Internet giant think it has finally found a solution: attack Facebook. The problem with such a brilliant plan is that Facebook is one of the few companies that is keeping Yahoo alive. Nevertheless, Yahoo claims Facebook is infringing on 10 to 20 of Yahoo's patents across technologies that include advertising, the personalization of Web sites, social networking, and messaging.

Submission + - Self-Published Author Kerry Wilkinson Outsold Patterson, Stieg Larsson (

JohnnyV08 writes: "Kerry Wilkinson was the best-selling ebook author on Amazon for the last quarter of 2011. And, Kerry Wilkinson does not have a publisher.

Let’s take a moment to let that process. Kerry Wilkinson is a self-published author. And, in the last quarter of 2011 – that includes Christmas – his digital book downloads outsold James Patterson, Stieg Larsson and Stephen King.

He talks about his story of self-publishing, his success with it, dealing with Amazon, and writing while having a full-time job"

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