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Comment Re:Contract (Score 2, Insightful) 502

HD reception via satellite is much better quality than the vast majority of Internet streaming video

You have a very different idea of quality than I do. "The Wire" on my CRT TV on DVD, THAT was quality. Survivor in HD via satellite is very far from quality. We're a broadcast and cable/sat free household since 2006. It's not that we don't watch the tube, we just watch it on Hulu, netflix instant, and DVD. I would guess that my 6 year old boy has been exposed to about 5% of the number of TV commercials that a typical American 6 year old has seen. When other homes and see them watching the TV it blows me away. 20 minutes of commercials per hour of programming is obscene.

Here's the geeky tech bit. I'm doing all of this with a computer I built in 2001. The key is my ATI all-in-wonder card. I just plug in the TV with the Svideo cable and extend my desktop. I have googlechrome and Winmediaplayer setup to open on that part of the desktop and that's where we watch our online TV.

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