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Submission + - SpaceX needs your help (

An anonymous reader writes: Elon Musk of SpaceX fame is organizing a Congressperson writeup to sway votes in the upcoming NASA budget approval. SpaceX is hoping a grassroots effort will same preserve the dollars the Obama administration allocated to commercial spaceflight, and that were subsequently stripped from House and Senate version of the bill in order to fund a government designed, successor to the defunct Constellation program.
Open Source

Submission + - Could open source render Facebook the next AOL? (

joabj writes: Now that Facebook has amassed more than 500 million users, a growing number of open source social networking developers are wondering if Facebook's photo sharing, status updates and other features wouldn't work better as Internet-wide standardized services. At the OSCON conference last week, the head of, an open source Twitter-like microblogging service, likened today's social networking services to the enormously proprietary online services of the early 1990s, like AOL or Prodigy. He suggested that just like SMTP and Sendmail standardized what were previously propriety e-mail services, so too could open source social networking stacks, like OStatus, render walled garden services like Facebook obsolete.

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