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Submission + - Is America ready for NBC's "Outsourced?" ( 1

dcblogs writes: NBC's new fall season includes the TV show, Outsourced. It begins with the layoff of a U.S. call center and stars a young American whose only hope of continuing employment is to take a job managing the company's new call center in India. NBC is gambling that U.S. workers are ready to laugh about offshore outsourcing. The producers are hoping it humanizes Indian workers for American audiences. Managers in India wonder if the show will protray the brutally long workdays of offshore workers. The person who developed The Office, Ken Kwapis, is also behind this show which begins Sept. 23. a clip.
United Kingdom

Submission + - British ISPs Favour Well-Connected Customers (

scurtis writes: An insider has told eWEEK Europe that some Internet service providers in the UK only sign-up customers who can be guaranteed a good service, in order to improve average speed claims. The revelation comes after the regulator Ofcom criticised broadband service providers earlier this week for not delivering the speeds promised to consumers. Meanwhile, TalkTalk’s chairman Charles Dunstone has argued that Ofcom could be doing a lot more to push BT — as the operator of the copper infrastructure — to improve maintenance of the lines and its communication with fellow service providers.

Submission + - A New Book About Classic Graphic Adventure Games (

j_philipp writes: As a fan of the genre, I've compiled and edited a book called "Graphic Adventures: Being a Mostly Correct History of the Adventure Game Classics By Lucasfilm, Sierra and Others, from the Pages of Wikipedia". As the title says, it's collected from the pages of Wikipedia, with slight or heavy editing as well as additional material — depending on what was needed to make it work in book form — and with many additional creator interviews I conducted with people like Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry) or David Fox (Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken...). There's also many screenshots from the games. If you liked to play Loom, Monkey Island, Space Quest, Myst and many others, perhaps this is something of interest... and because the book is GNU-licensed, you can grab the free download if you like.

Submission + - How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us

eagledck writes: DINOSAURS were shape-shifters. Their skulls underwent extreme changes throughout their lives, growing larger, sprouting horns then reabsorbing them, and changing shape so radically that different stages look to us like different species.This discovery comes from a study of the iconic dinosaur triceratops and its close relative torosaurus. Their skulls are markedly different but are actually from the very same species, argue John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.

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