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Operating Systems

FreeBSD 7.0 Bests Linux In SMP Performance 288

cecom writes "After major improvements in SMP support in FreeBSD 7.0, benchmarks show it performing 15% better than the latest Linux kernels (PDF, see slides 17 to 19) on 8 CPUs under PostgreSQL and MySQL. While a couple of benchmarks are not conclusive evidence, it can be assumed that FreeBSD will once again be a serious performance contender. Some posters on LWN have noted that the level of Linux performance could be related to the Completely Fair Scheduler, which was merged into the 2.6.23 Linux kernel." Update: 03/06 21:32 GMT by KD : An anonymous reader sent in word that Linux kernel developer Nick Piggin reran the benchmark today and came to a different conclusion: In his benchmark Linux was faster than FreeBSD.

Submission + - Google Wants OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt...? (

Watcher writes: One expects Google to go after the brightest and the best, so perhaps it's not surprising that they'd be interested in OpenBSD's creator Theo de Raadt. Or is it in fact that Google doesn't hire good recruiters? In a very public guffaw, one of Google's recruiters seems to have confused de Raadt's private email with the public OpenBSD mailing list. "I am a recruiter for the engineering team, a dynamic, challenging and fun group, which is responsible for our Google website, from start to finish. While doing a search for a specific skill set, I found your contact information on-line and I wanted to contact you to see if you may be interested in learning more about opportunities with us. You seem like you might be a great fit here at Google." While de Raadt himself will likely simply ignore the email, odds are that the hundreds of other -misc subscribers will have a field day with the mistake. Or maybe it's just the job that Theo has been waiting for, and us OpenBSD fans will loose our leader?

Submission + - Artists finally start ditching the record labels!

Ariastis writes: In the last few days, Trent Reznor (NIN), Radio head, possibly Oasis and Jamiroquai and some others are finally sticking up to the greedy Record Labels. They have all started to distribute (or are thinking about it) their music independently, refusing to deal with the greedy old bastards who try to smother their fans. All downloads are DRM-Free, and RadioHead even allows their fans to set the price of the stuff they download!

Submission + - OpenBSD and Linux code sharing issue resolved

An anonymous reader writes: According to an undeadly article: "All the copyright holders of the Linux ath5k-driver code, derived from ar5k, have been contacted and have agreed to license their changes under the ISC license, thus allowing improvements to be re-incorporated into OpenBSD." So, after much drama, much of it documented on Slashdot, it looks like OpenBSD will be able to benefit from Linux-specific changes to its Atheros code after all.
Operating Systems

Submission + - PC-BSD 1.4 Released

wolf369T writes: "PC-BSD evolved in the last year, after aquisition from iXsystems. They have a new website and recently they've launched PC-BSD, version 1.4, the KDE based FreeBSD flavour for the desktop users. PC-BSD offers a graphical installer, the PBI package system and various applets, that makes life easier for most users. PC-BSD 1.4 was built on FreeBSD 6.2 with KDE 3.5.7, X.Org 7.2, compiz, flash7 and NVIDIA driver enabled out-of-the box. Very impressive work, as PC-BSD might be one of the most easy to install BSD out there."

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