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Comment Different rules for the 'little guys' (Score 4, Insightful) 95

Seriously. A perfect example of how average individuals get fscked while the rich can do what they want. Every other fucking tweet/instagram/facebook post by a celeb is a commercial endorsement of some sort, I don't see the FTC making a fuss - until it's a (well-dressed) average American - THEN it's a problem.

Comment Re:To be fair... (Score 1) 277

If you think all these words are confusing, you should really stop.

regulated - this one I'll admit is confusing from modern times. It meant self-organizing. Back in the day a town or village, if there were a need(war), the people would grab their guns and supplies, self-organize, and choose their captains/leaders before reporting for duty. A perfect example of this is Abraham Lincoln, who was elected captain of his first volunteer company that was organized to fight Black Hawk. He was elected by popular vote with no military experience. The company then reported for duty and swore allegiance.

Militia - means the same thing it always has, the media has just turned it into a negative
security - means the same thing, self-protection.
State - means the same thing, self-organized independent grouping of people. See 'nation-state' or 'city-state'
people - means the same thing it always has, the general population.
"bear arms" - again, same thing, the ability to own and use weapons
infringed - unbelivable that his confuses you - means restricted and/or removed.

Comment Re:Denouncing Surveilance (Score 1) 277

You can not have a weapon without buying it first.

Not correct. You can make any standard firearm at home - rifle, handgun, shotgun, completely legally. You don't need a license unless you start selling/transferring, or if you're making full-auto/destructive device weapons.

And for that matter, states often don't ban the outright ownership of the swords,brass knuckles, etc. Instead the public possession of them is outlawed. In Minnesota, I can own an auto-knife/switchblade.sword. But I can't carry it in public.

Comment Re:USPS (Score 3, Insightful) 239

They cannot die soon enough. 95% of my mail is paper spam that goes straight into the trash. The rest is either packages (that could go by UPS instead) or bills from Luddite companies that are too dumb to figure out how to save money by sending e-bills.

USPS is faster and cheaper for 90% of the stuff I ship or receive, I've got no complaints. As for the junk mail, blame the credit card companies.

I haven't sent or received a personal letter in over a decade. Why would anyone prefer that over email?

No cards? No official mail? Not much of a life eh?

Plenty of countries no longer have a government run postal service. They are doing just fine.

Our postal service isn't really government run (well, depending on your definitions I guess). It's a self-financing entity that has a bit of government protection while the employees are considered civil servants. As long as it's self-financing, there's really no reason not to have it around.

Comment Amazon's delivery service is Fsking Terrible. (Score 1) 239

For some reason they seem to hire people who can't read an address, let alone get out of their fucking car.

Delivery #1 - Phone call from Washington DC number, girl who can't speak English asks for wrong name, asks if I live at address that is incorrect. Once I figure out who the hell it is, I say correct address they say ok. (It's an apartment, there's a fricking buzzer) 1 hour later I get call from same number, I tell her to buzz the door, she doesn't, says she's outside. I go outside and she's half a block down buzzing the wrong building. (our buildings are clearly marked with the number on it) FFS lady!

Delivery #2 - Another call from DC number, dude says he's outside. I go outside, and dude is parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic, opens his door and passes the box to me from the seat of his car.

These people are wearing Amazon badges/clothing. It's a wonder they managed to get dressed in the morning.

FYI - I get packages _all the time_ and FedEx, UPS, and USPS - even DHL has never had a single problem delivering to me.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 867

That's just a single case. There are plenty of situations that you need papers or you're doing something illegally/black market. Want to rent an apartment? want to buy a house? want a loan? want benefits? want a job?

Again, I've have no concerns or sympathy for someone who who chooses to live as a cash-only squatter. Legal immigrants don't have this problem, working people don't have this problem, retired pensioners don't have this problem.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 2) 867

"Historically, in this country, the social contract has not amounted to "papers, please!" That was supposed to be the kind of thing reserved for commies and fascists,"

Popular myth and Hollywood. And yes, the social contract HAS generally demanded that you produce papers. You want a job? Papers please. You want a loan? Papers please. You want government benefits? Papers please!

"Also, driver's license does not actually signify either citizenship or legal status. The amount of supporting documentation that is required to issue one varies from state to state, and not all of them ask for an SSN. Of course, even if it did, not everyone has a driver's license - as the name makes evident, it's a document that is issued for a specific reason, and not all people even need it."

You're right that it doesn't signify citizenship or legal status, but it does establish identity. And the supporting documentation required to get one does require establishing said identity - or did until some of these states changed the laws so that illegal immigrants could get a driver's license (and those driver's licenses are different from 'normal' driver's licenses.)

"how exactly you imagine checking for it."

The same way we've already been doing it: you want a job? Papers please. You want a loan? Papers please. You want government benefits? Papers please! The problem is right now we're not enforcing it hard enough - _punish_ companies/people using illegal labor and they'll stop doing it once it's no longer cost-effective.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 3, Interesting) 867

In the US your driver's license is often enough, as you had to provide a SSN for that, and to get an SSN you need to prove your identity and eligibility. Which the vast majority of Americans have, and legal immigrants are expected to have their green card on them.

Proving you are who you say you are, and that you have the right you say you have, doesn't seem any more of a burden than having to actually pay for your groceries at the store.

One really has to wonder why some people don't have a birth certificate/SSN/Identification. I'd wager that the vast majority (save for older folks born in remote areas) don't have a legitimate reason, as they've apparently not worked in this country, or worked for cash (and haven't paid taxes), etc. Aside from a few legitimate cases, I really don't care about the rest of these people who have already decided to live outside the social contract.

Comment Re:Fix the real problem (Score 1) 438

"I thought the whole thing was a honeypot designed to get the contact info for crackpots and terrorists in the first place; if it wasn't I might have ordered one."

Your ignorance of the law is disheartening. It's not illegal to make your own gun, it's just illegal to sell it.

"Fix the real problem, control the receivers just like finished rifles!"

What problem? Rifles are used less than fists or knives to murder someone. Your ignorance of basic knowledge of any so-called 'problem' is asinine.

Comment Actual numbers (Score 1) 438

It's over 300m, last estimate I saw was 350m. I like it when people bring numbers into this argument because people often forget the scale of this issue, and they also forget to compare numbers from various sources to look at the big picture.

Population - 220m
Guns - 175m
Homicides 23,000

2014 (2015 FBI crime stats are _still_ not released..)
Population - 320m
Guns - 350m
Homicides 14,000

For all of the whining about guns not making people safer, that more guns equals more murders/crimes, etc, an actual look at some basic data very very strongly suggests otherwise.

Comment Don't vote for Johnson if you value your Tech job. (Score 1) 382

I appreciate what Johnson is doing, and most of what he stands for - I even voted for him in the last election.

However his stances on Immigration and labor/jobs have always concerned me, Johnson is a libertarian, and the libertarian position on labor is ridiculously business-friendly, and the immigration position is akin to open borders.

After watching entertainment and other companies like Disney exploit H1-Bs, listening to tech cos cry wolf on the lack of STEM-qualified applicants to justify their actions, outsourcing countless manufacturing/tech/service/etc jobs, I've had enough. Fixing the artificially-depressed labor market,and ending immigrant labor exploitation are important priorities for me this year - and they may have the side effect of reducing crime and helping with some social issues - a community that works is a community that works.

Johnson isn't going to fix immigration and labor, it's against his party's principles.

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