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Comment Re:Always wait for the S version (Score 1) 100

Why should I be someone's guinea pig for new features when this phone meets 99% of my needs.

Out of curiosity, assuming you are doing a payment plan and not paying for the phone outright, if the phone meets 99% of your needs why are you upgrading every 2-3 years as soon as you get your old device paid off? With the 2 year upgrade cycle people are locking themselves into perpetual device payments.

Comment Re:The market is saturated (Score 1) 100

There is pent-up demand for a new iPhone, even if it does not offer breakthrough technologies

No, not really. As long as it gets security updates and still works, why bother upgrading? I just replaced the battery in my iPhone and expect to get at least a couple more years out of it.

My wife finally replaced her iPhone 4 last year. With one of my parents' old iPhone 5 that they had laying around since they both now have work provided phones. Even phones that are 2 generations old are still plenty good enough these days. I was using my S5 until last week when it got smashed in my car door to the point the display was shot. It's the only reason I now have an S7, but I was planning to hold on to my S5 for at least another couple years.

Comment Re:Size of a what? (Score 1) 40

That would be 1.7 Ã-- 10-17 football fields

American or soccer?

American, obviously. They don't measure things in "football fields" in Europe or anywhere else in the world. When people say "mile" we don't ask if British or Roman.

Yep. If it was soccer it would be measured in "pitches". However,to further complicate things there is also an "American" pitch, which is roughly 21/125 of a "European" pitch

Comment Re:Question... (Score 1) 182

Personally I think the whole Pluto being a planet vs it being a dwarf planet makes about as much sense as arguing about whether American football deserves being called a football because players spend most of their time holding the ball and running around with it.

Off topic, but it's because the game evolved from a game where the primary mode of advancing the ball was either kicking it or batting it with your arms or hands.

Comment Re: Maybe (Score 1) 182

Yeah, never understood why this Tyson guy gets so much attention. What did he ever do, except beat up some people in a ring and biting off someone's ear, and beating his wife and stuff?

Picturing Neil deGrasse Tyson with a face tattoo just made my day. I imagine it would either be something like a comet under his eye instead of a tear drop, or maybe something just totally out there and not even physics/space related.

Comment Re:The USA hasn't recovered from prohibition. (Score 1) 154

The attitudes towards alcohol in the USA are quite bizarre to most of the rest of the planet but we didn't have prohibition.

When I went to the USA with the British Army, I found that although I was old enough to be an ally with a rifle, I was not old enough to have a beer at 20! I was old enough to go in harms way but not old enough for Budweiser! Your troop transport aircraft was supposed to be dry. I have heard that your naval vessels are dry.

Off topic, but one of the best times I ever had was drinking with some Welsh soldiers on leave from the British Army, in an Irish pub on the bank of the river in Salzburg, Austria on New Years Eve. Don't know if it's covered in basic training or what, but you guys sure know how to have a good time drinking. Also, we did you a favor on the Budweiser.

Comment Re:Lifestyles of the Poor but Interesting (Score 1) 145

Or maybe, like some people europe and japan, people are becoming less interested in starting a family.

Which also means they are dooming themselves to a life of nonstop, low paying work. Without families or children, what are all these gig millenials going to do when they get to be 60-70 years old? They won't have anything in savings, no kids to support/take care of them, and the government will be so overburdened it won't be able to do anything either. There's too much focus on the here and now these days, not many in the current generation think about what will happen long term.

Comment Re:Where's my BB gun? (Score 3, Funny) 82

If you can hit an aircraft at an altitude of 65k feet, then it's probably classified as "one of the largest anti-aircraft cannons ever built" rather than a "bb gun".

Just attach your bb gun along with a remote firing mechanism to another balloon and release it. It's like sharks with laser beams attached to their heads, only with balloons and bb guns.

Comment Re:All these words (Score 3, Interesting) 104

Sound like high minded excuse to start use the platform for political purposes. All these words "bullying", "fake news", etc. are code words involved in liberal virtue signalling. "Fake news" is something that those evil right wingers do (especially it does not apply to New York Times, et al. or any garbage coming from BLM or other such outlets).

The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one......from Trump's very own press conference yesterday:"Russia is fake news....You know what they said, you saw it and the leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake." So Trump is liberal now and CNN is right-wing?

Comment Re:Never Fails (Score 4, Informative) 131

The way I see it, Uber isn't a taxi company. Uber provides a platform as a service allowing service providers (ride share drivers) to find customers (passengers). The service providers might count as independent taxi drivers and thus be taxi companies themselves.

Drivers can't set prices, can't turn down (too many) customers, can't drive whatever car they want, etc. Uber drivers aren't contractors.

Comment Re:Never Fails (Score 4, Insightful) 131

Someone comes up with an idea that's pretty good, is designed for people to work part time to pick up some cash, minimal regulations, etc. and it's a pretty good thing for everyone all around.

Except there are regulations around offering yourself for hire for personal transportation. Just because you own a boat doesn't mean you can take up commercial fishing part-time to make some extra cash either without following proper regulations and licensing. If you want a part-time job to make some extra cash wait some tables, tend bar, be a bag boy at a grocery store, or work swing shift in a bakery. Just wanting to make a little extra money doesn't justify ignoring local, state, or federal laws and regulations.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 2) 895

I did not get the same meaning out of his words that you did... or you have weird logic. ;)

What I heard him say was that he could not in all conscience vote for Clinton. The only choice left at that point is Trump.

Or Johnson. Or Stein. Or that one Mormon guy from Utah. Or any number of write-in candidates. Sure, none of them were going to win-it was always going to be Trump or Clinton. But at least your conscience would be clear. I know mine is.

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 895

the next four years.

You're giving Trump too much credit. He has almost zero chance of making it four years. He will either die in office or resign early.

The only way Trump gets out early is if he dies in office or gets impeached and removed. His ego is too big to allow himself to resign. Everything has to be a success, he has to win every time. Winners don't resign.

Comment Re:Time to start the pool on #PresidentTweety? (Score 2) 895

General Michael Flynn's tenure as NSA adviser is the shortest in US history (24 days).

Does Flynn's brief "defense" quality as "alternative facts" yet, or is there some sort of requirement in #PresidentTweety's White House for Kellyanne Conway to say it first? After all, she merely said Trump had "full confidence" in Flynn about an hour before he resigned. Or maybe she'll tell us it isn't a real resignation now?

Oh, I just hope her embarrassment and humiliation is so extreme that the Donald fires her next.

Conway will be one of the last ones to go, unless she herself chooses to leave. She's one of Trump's loyalists, a yes-(wo)man, and a designated mouthpiece. Personally, I think she is planning to attach herself to a Breitbart (or at least Bannon-led)TV or internet network as a lead talking head. Bannon is obviously a driving force behind a lot of Trump's policies. With all the concerted attacks against the "MSM" they are clearly setting up an opening for an alt-right "honest" media outlet. Trump is just a shell, a useful fool, an ego-driven showman that they latched onto.

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