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Comment Re:ummmm .... (Score 1) 188

One curious outcome can be seen in the clothing of the period. Europeans somehow got significantly taller over the following Century, after being stuck at Roman heights for over a thousand years. (Check out Suits Of Armor for a striking example.)

I remember a line from (I believe) Timeline by Michael Crichton, and while it is obviously a fictional book the line makes sense on it's face: most of the suits of armor surviving today were either display pieces or ceremonial. As such, the craftsmen and artisans working on them went for smaller and more ornate in order to demonstrate their skill. Actual combat armor would have been larger for the comfort and protection of the wearer, but due to the nature of combat most pieces would not survive to today.

Comment Re: We knew this going in (Score 1) 521

Say that after the coming battle over the very existence of Social Security.

Why haven't Social Security payouts already been trimmed back by the necessary quarter or more to bring future liabilities in line with future revenue?

Because if a politician touches Social Security they commit political suicide. Most of the people drawing Social Security are the people most active in the political process: retirees. Since many of them don't work they are the ones working polls, canvassing, attending rallies and, most importantly, they are a significant number of the people actually voting. Touch Social Security and it will look like the Grey Dawn South Park episode.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 2, Insightful) 172

Which tells you that no government incentives or actions are needed: if this is a reasonable accounting of costs, companies will switch to renewables all by themselves.

Of course, since the US is all about fair competition-you know, free market and all-then we can safely remove government subsidies to other forms of power such as oil or coal as well. We wouldn't want one segment of an industry working with an unfair advantage now, would we?

Comment Re:Retail and Driving (Score 2) 121

Just what are people with only high school supposed to do? This is not Europe where govt pays for you to go to college. Many poor families cannot afford college and need jobs which can be done with a high school education.

Votechs. The US needs to go to a more European model where students pick either a college track or a technical skills track. Maybe slightly modify it to where they split the last 2 years of high school, and make the first 2 years a much more general education, ie liberal arts, math, and life skills like basic accounting etc. After the second year if you want to go the college track you can take more advanced sciences, math, literature, etc; if you want the technical track you can start taking classes specializing in mechanics, welding, shop class, nursing, AMT, whatever. Have some classes in house and for others pair up with local (certified and approved) vocational schools or community colleges. Push federal funding for votechs and community colleges (which all happen to be cheaper than 4 year institutions) with better regulated and tracked job placement-you could even go so far as to offer internships/coops/apprenticeships with local companies or unions to help with job placement once graduated. This keeps people who either shouldn't, can't, or won't go to college from going and racking up large debts while giving them another way to obtain a career that offers a fairly decent living wage (on up to exceedingly good wage depending on field/skills/experience in the case of some vocations such as AMT, welding, or nursing).

Now, of course there are always some people that don't even have the ability or desire to go through votech schools. In these cases that's where your burger flipping or menial jobs come in, supplemented with a little (or more, depending on situation and actual ability to work) safety net support. Couple in easy to access job retraining programs which tie in to vocational and technical fields so that older people who have been laid off or are otherwise jobless have opportunities to pivot to another field instead of relying on multiple minimum wage jobs or gig economy jobs and you have solved both the jobs issue and the mounting costs of college education.

Comment Re:What danger ? (Score 1) 367

Have you ever tried to punch through a window? I don't think it's as easy as it is on TV. I guess you can use a belt buckle to help, but you still probably injure your hand. Anyone know?

That's why in my car I keep a knife that has both a seatbelt cutter and a point for breaking windows. Never know if I will be trapped in the car or if I ever have to help someone out of theirs, so it's good to have in case of emergency. Worth the $20 price tag IMO.

Comment Successful? (Score 1) 100

In October, CFO Anthony Noto told analysts on an earnings call that the ads played during Twitter's NFL Thursday Night Football streaming exclusives had been especially successful, with many people watching them in their entirety with the sound turned on.

Shouldn't the ads only be considered "successful" if there is an accompanying quantifiable uptick in purchases for those products that can be attributed to those ads? All this data collection just to sell more and more ads-has anyone ever shown that they actually work?

Comment Re:What (Score 4, Informative) 184

Good question. If he had been any other applicant he would probably have been rejected. Younger and fit people are preferred for exactly this reason, they have less risk of medical problems.

He was down there on an organized tour for tourists. He wasn't working down there. And for anyone wondering, according to the tour service's website, they only cost 64,000 euros per person. Hope he sprung for the optional insurance.

Comment Re: Abdul Razak Ali Artan (Score 5, Interesting) 1054

And stand the fuck up for the anthem too, you aren't being oppressed.

There's a reason the very first Amendment in the Constitution is freedom of speech. Even the Second Amendment, which deals with the defense of the nation, comes second to it. You have every right to sit down or kneel for the Anthem, or burn a flag, whether you are trying to make a statement or just being a dick. It's hard to "Make America Great Again" when you want to remove some of the basic freedoms that make America great in the first place.

Comment Re:Yeah, GoPro (Score 1) 94

I figured the GoPro craze was doomed a year ago when I saw a person at the outlet mall near my house walking around with a GoPro mounted on his dog's back. Unless people are involved in action sports or in certain types of TV productions most of the people that bought GoPros don't really have anything to film so won't keep buying more cameras. GoPro got too big too fast. They should have stayed private, stuck to their niche, and they could make a very solid profit for many years. Why a camera maker ever thought it was a good idea to create an entertainment division is beyond me. They really shouldn't have even developed their own drones, at least not initially. They would have been better off partnering with a more established drone manufacturer.

Comment Re:Air travel (Score 1) 105

This is a game changer for air travel, I've had to depend on rentals from Google or Amazon, now I can cache Netflix? Nice.

Amazon Prime allows you to download prime movies/tv shows on Amazon video for free. Was great the last time me and my wife went to visit her sister's family out of state. I could watch movies on the drive.

Comment Re:Benjamin Franklin (Score 1) 394

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Franklin was saying, "Fuck you. If you don't want to defend yourself, you deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Uh, I think you are interpreting his statement incorrectly. By taking up offered arms they would in fact be giving up their liberty (freedom of religion) for the temporary safety offered by bearing said arms. So in fact it would seem by his statement that Franklin would be supporting the Quakers.

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