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Comment With automation, a new work force will be needed (Score 1) 940

Yes, it is a very real possibility that a trip to McDonald's may mean pushing a few buttons and a machine delivered your food to the counter. That kind of automation will mean the loss of less educated workers, but it will create an opportunity for a new class of workers that will be trained in the installation, operation, and maintenance of such systems.

In other words, those that can succeed, will succeed. Those that will succeed will be further filtered out from the society.

Comment Re:Liberal excuse to invade privacy (Score 1) 284

One might think their tax revenue service might know what the citizens are making. No need to burden the citizens with inane questions, just go ask your government accountants.

"25% of tax payers ended up pay 0%, sir, and 50% of those saw a redistribution assistance." Cross reference said non-tax payers with the postal codes and voila. You know how many poor you have and where they live.

Comment Re:Liberal excuse to invade privacy (Score 1) 284

The NSA spying was bad, you won't see me defending it.

Google Ads remembering that I was shopping for sexy panties for my wife and then seeing those ads while at work caused a bit of embarrassment. Yes, also a touch invasive.

And they should both be stopped.

I fail to see how pointing out other actions of evil justify a government mandating the turning over of such private information. Did I miss something in your rant?

A government forcing you declare your religion, or if you own guns, etc is an invasion.

Comment Liberal excuse to invade privacy (Score 3, Insightful) 284

The onerous nature of the questions lead to massive violations of privacy. NO citizen of any country should ever be compelled by force of law to reveal the private information of their lives. The government has ZERO right to know anything beyond the fact that I am alive and paying my taxes per the law. They don't need to know my skin color, my religion, what I do for a living, etc, etc.

The information they want to gather will only lead to the further degradation of the privacy of the citizens.

Comment 9 States automatically increased (Score 4, Informative) 778

Um, yeah, talk about misleading.

"Nine of the 13 states increased their minimum wages automatically in line with inflation: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Four more states - Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island - approved legislation mandating the increase"

Correlation really does not indicate causality when you read the entire article. North Dakota has an oil boom, which is spiking employment. Ohio still grew, despite a MW of $7.95. The whole complaint by the CBO was that jobs would be lost if MW was increased to $10.10 across the ENTIRE COUNTRY. In these 13 states, most are no where close to $10.10/hr.

Comment Recycle The Spam (Score 1) 338

Note to junk mailers: I use your mailings to start my evening fire-circle fire. They never get read. Ever.

Apparently someone is opening and reading the junk, and replying, or the junk mailers would not continue paying for it. But who are these people? Do you honestly think that the mostly-unmarked mail from an address you don't know, with URGENT being the only anything but junk mail?

Comment Creative Counting (Score 1) 723

Sure, you can believe them that 7.5 million have enrolled. It comes down to how you define 'enrolled', which the government defines as "someone put an insurance choice in their electronic kart." That would be like CDW saying they sold 100,000 LaserJet printers, just because someone placed one into their basket. The reality is that that majority of the insurance plans placed into the insurance basket was never completed. And of those that did complete the process, many never paid their first premium, which ultimately gives us a much smaller number of ACTUALLY INSURED people via ObamaCare.

And how many are actually paying and thus covered? Less than 1 million.

Comment Re:The pitchfork or the codefork (Score 1) 99

At first, it as purely anti-beta. But Dice's response to censor posts and ignore community opinion has made the problem anti-Dice. They seem to have no clue about PR, or nerds, or even effective web page design. Taking queues from for how to design your own web site a Bad Thing (tm).

Dice seems determined to go forward with new UI, regardless of community opinion, so the time has come for the codefork.

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