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Submission + - No such thing as "local" any more? (

NewtonsLaw writes: "There was a time when a small group of locals flying their RC planes from a virtually dis-used airfield in the countryside of a tiny nation on the backside of the world would have had no chance in a battle against bureaucracy and the loss of their right to fly would never have been heard.

However, in the case of the NZ RC model-flying club with a YouTube channel that has had almost 27 million views and has over 15,000 subscribers — the injustice has had far reaching consequences, prompting people to voice their outrage and support from all over the globe. It seems that RC fliers from around the globe are not afraid to voice their anger when world's most widely viewed RC club is shut down without due process or rules of natural justice being used.

Even the small-town paper with a circulation of just 10,000 copies has found its facebook page receiving comments of outrage from all over the world.

Perhaps this shows that, in the age of the internet, there is no such thing as a "local" issue any more. As local authorities, bureaucrats, and indeed any "controlling body" who act unjustly will soon discover.

Note: please don't be tempted to mailbomb the wooden-heads involved, it won't help one bit and would only inflame the situation. Anyone who wants to help could vote in the poll on the facebook page linked above (although I suspect not many Slashdotters are also bookfacers)."

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