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Submission + - SPAM: Libyan Revolution eclipsed by racial violence

NewscastMedia writes: Gadhafi's 40-year rule saw a wave of migrant workers move to Libya for better jobs, adopting the country as their very own. This all changed over six months ago when the war against Gadhafi and rebels erupted and allegations of foreign mercenaries fighting for the government were made not only by the rebels, but also by the foreign press.
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Submission + - Gaddafi Still Pushes For A United States Of Africa

NewscastMedia writes: For years, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi has attempted to convince leaders of Africa that the continent would be a lot better off with a nited States Of Africa, under his leadership. In a summit held this past summer in Kampala, Uganda, Gaddafi told a small group of reporters, "I am satisfied that Africa is going along its historic and right road, one day it will become similar to the United States of America. We are approaching the formation of the African Authority, and each time we solve African problems and also move in the direction of peace and unity. We deal with problems step by step. We are continuing to do that."

Submission + - Harvard says 70 % of domestic violence is by women (

NewscastMedia writes: As the media flashes images and plays tapes of Mel Gibson screaming at his former lover, one has to wonder what the other side of the story is. It is obvious that Mel Gibson was set up by his girlfriend, whom he claims tried to extort him. While I don't condone any kind of violence, I have to present to my reading audience some cold hard facts that the 'mainstream media' has chosen to ignore in relation to domestic violence.

Submission + - College Professor's Right Hand Cut Off By Thugs (

NewscastMedia writes: A college professor in Kerala, India, accused of setting a term paper with a blasphemous reference to the Prophet Muhammad found himself surrounded by muslim fanatics on Sunday, who then proceeded to cut off his right hand. The attackers were armed with swords and knives and ambushed TJ Joseph who was with his sister, Mary Stella, a nun.

"When we tried to prevent them, they attacked me and my mother before exploding bombs and fleeing," Stella said. A police squad recovered the severed arm about 200 meters away as the lecturer was rushed to a private hospital in serious condition.

Prof. TJ Joseph prepared an examination questionnaire last March at Newman College, Thodupuzha, and some muslim students at the private college accused him of including questions that were offensive to Muhammad their Prophet. Due to a series of protests at the college, TJ Joseph resigned, and publicly apologized for his 'unintentional error'.

The authorities at Newman College, told AsiaNews that in the exam, Prof. Joseph tells a story of a fishmonger who despite hard work, becomes increasingly poor. The monger's name is Muhammad, and in his desperation, he speaks to God and also asks his brother why his fortunes are dwindling. His brother tells Muhammad, "Why are you calling God, God, God..." Students were then asked to specify the punctuation of the narrative.

The attack against Joseph has been condemned by several muslim organizations including the Indian Union Muslim League and the Jama'at-e-Islami, which has called for prosecution of the culprits. The supreme leader of the Indian Union Muslim League said, "An error cannot be corrected by another mistake."


Submission + - Pentagon secertly developing flying submarine (

NewscastMedia writes: The Pentagon is embarking on a project that will develop a submarine-like vehicle capable of becoming airborne. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), plans to build a military vehicle that can hover over the water until it approaches its target before disappearing under sea to avoid detection. It would then sneak closer in form of a submarine before striking its target, then flying back to its base.

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