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Comment Re:Sigh.... (Score 1) 98

A recent Technet ( article claims that using the customErrors tag to set all error types to return the same error page will fix this security hole. But according to the research paper (linked in another comment), the POET tool can simply check the HTTP return code. I don't know enough about ASP.Net and IIS, but is the MS Technet blog article totally off here?

Submission + - Are Dark Age of Camelot Freeshards Legal? (

An anonymous reader writes: I've only recently discovered an open source server emulator for what might be the greatest PvP MMORPG of all time, Dark Age of Camelot. Dawn of Light is the name of the project, and apparently running these "Freeshard" servers is big in Europe (big being a relative term). One server in particular, Uthgard, has a pretty high population of around 600-1000 during peak hours. Are DAoC Freeshards running on the Dawn of Light emulator legal?

Submission + - A Tale in the Desert: Things to Ponder (

An anonymous reader writes: Teppy, the developer, owner, game master, and mastermind of a Tale in the Desert brought up an interesting point in his latest newsletter. Have you ever noticed you tend to group together in games in specific number ranges, comfort zones? This apparently stays true on larger scales for server populations as well, we are content in the 1-2k range, any less and we feel the server is dead, any more and it feels overcrowded. Check out what Teppy has to say on the matter.

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