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Journal Journal: Introducing the Censorship Research Center

The Censorship Research Center (CRC), a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded by Austin Heap and Daniel Colascione in 2009 to serve as the legal entity which will provide anti-censorship education, outreach, and technologies for free to those who need it most. The CRC’s first major project is Haystack (official project site), which seeks to provide access to information and communications to the Iranian people


Submission + - Haystack Developers Announce Successful Test

NewWaveNet writes: The developers of Haystack, an anti-censorship tool developed specifically for users in Iran, have announced a successful test of their network by users inside the country and subject to the filtering of the IRI. The project's developers now plan to distribute the software to a handful of trusted contacts prior to a large scale release. Previous Haystack coverage at BoingBoing, PRI's The World, and Daily Kos.

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