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UK Man Prevented From Finding Chipped Pet Under Data Protection Act 340

Dave Moorhouse was elated when he was informed that a microchip provider had information on the whereabouts of his stolen dog. This joy soon faded when the company informed him that it could not divulge the Jack Russell terrier's location because it would breach the Data Protection Act. Last week a court agreed with the chip company and refused Mr Moorhouse's request for a court order compelling them to reveal the name and address of the new owners. Steven Wildridge, managing director of the chip company said: “This is not a choice, it’s an obligation under the Data Protection Act. If the individuals involved do not want us to pass on their details to the original owner then we cannot do so unless compelled to following a criminal or civil proceeding."

Submission + - Office 2010 to Work Natively on Linux, Sort Of (gadgetell.com) 1

superslacker87 writes: "Yes, that's right, Office 2010 will work on natively on Linux, the web apps anyway. It is reportedly going to be compatible with Safari, Firefox, and of course, Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is not mentioned, probably due to the current war between the two.

From the Article:

Your cheap little Linux netbook just got a boost in credibility, or will get a boost when Microsoft drops the web app version of Office 2010 next year. To date, Linux netbooks or anything else running the OS had to rely on non-Microsoft programs to read, edit and save in the familiar .doc, .ppt and .xls file formats. What is MS thinking? .... "Linux just gained some street cred."


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