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Nobel Laureate Wiped From Pakistan's Textbooks As Heretic 445

Hugh Pickens writes writes "Alexander Abad-Santos writes that in any other country, the late Dr. Abdus Salam would be a national hero: he's the Nobel laureate in physics who laid the groundwork for the biggest physics discovery in the past 30 years--the Higgs boson. But that isn't the case in Pakistan, where Salam has been wiped from textbooks and history for not being fundamentalist enough. 'He belonged to the Ahmadi sect, which has been persecuted by the government and targeted by Taliban militants who view its members as heretics,' says Sebastian Abbot. 'His grand unification theory of strong, weak and electromagnetic fields opened the gateway for the discovery of bosons and laid down the basis for this quantum electrodynamics project,' writes Anam Khalid Alvi for Pakistan's Express Tribune. But Pakistan can't celebrate his achievements, since Ahmadis like Salam are and were prevented from 'posing as Muslims,' and can be punished with prison and even death. By contrast, fellow Pakistani physicist A.Q. Khan, who played a key role in developing the country's nuclear bomb and later confessed to spreading nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, is considered a national hero. Khan is a Muslim."

Submission + - 10 Exciting Adventures for 4 to 8 Year Olds (10excitingadventuresfor4to8yearolds)

linwoodellis512 writes: Preserve these all set for inspection. Lengthy-phrase warranties covering timber, damp-proofing and your roof. Shorter-expression ensures covering on-going repairs and any servicing invoices, for your boiler for illustration.

Why Bother?

How many weeks or months would you have to get the job done to generate &pound1,000, &pound2000, &pound3,000, &pound5,000 or &pound10,000+ Tax Free? You could make that with a several days spent getting ready your house for sale.

Don't forget the golden rule is to aid people buy into a life-style, to imagine themselves relocating effortlessly into your household and building their unique dwelling.

Building a sense of area is the critical to your achievement.

Very good luck with your sale.

&copySteven Hourston Kangaroo Self Storage 2007

four to eight 12 months olds can be a demanding audience to entertain. The following are some mini-adventures that will hold them entranced.

1. Sit them on your lap and allow them push your car. Have sudden bursts of velocity and get ready to be deafened by the squeals of delight. (Wellness and security: In no way is this suggestion meant for public roads. You retain the right to grab the steering wheel at any time).

two. Go camping. Normally a winner. Pretend you do not know how to place the tent up. Permit them burn the sausages above the camp fire (you will need to have a actual fire). Gaze at the stars. Just as they are falling asleep inquire if they heard that odd noise exterior... Have some sizzling bacon all set for when they wake up and then have an journey

3. Make a little something. Obtaining their fingers on Diy equipment (with supervision clearly) actually excites boys. Repairing or ideally making something grabs their interest and gives them a genuine feeling of achievement.

four. Commence a h2o fight and make sure you drop. Select a warm day and have the hose, h2o pistols, buckets, balloons filled with drinking water and many others. all set. Aim for all of us to get soaked by.

5. Play a sensible joke on their mom. All over again the excitement this generates is remarkable. Water balloons are normally going to realize success. Yet another excellent idea is to be found handling a particularly treasured ornament and then smashing an older chipped glass or cup. The reaction and realisation are each sweet moments.

6. Go to the zoo together. A good journey particularly if the zoo lets the youngsters cope with insects. Develop the exhilaration by obtaining them to draw the animals they most want to see. Permit them run wild and attempt and keep up.

7. Get ready a treasure hunt. Plant a series of clues and make some of them seem unpleasant e.g. there's a clue in this bag of worms (which is truly cold spaghetti). Have a lot of mini rewards and then a ultimate treasure prize.

eight. Young children love exploring attics, specially grandparent's attics. Obtaining outdated toys and books that their mom/father played with gets them likely. Discovering previous pics has the exact result.

9. Kitchen antics. Generating pasta is messy sufficient for lots of fun. Applying a pasta machine to make tagliatelle adds to the enjoyment. Glasgow Storage

Submission + - Drinking Coca Cola Around the World (

An anonymous reader writes: One mans adventure around the world, drinking Coca Cola in 35+ countries over the course of a year. (Video footage included)

Submission + - SPAM: Choose a proper Web Developer

An anonymous reader writes: One must hire a professional and experienced web developer to undertake this crucial task. A professional webmaster can help you by providing services that will make your website informative and interactive, thus expanding your customer base online.Websites are an integral part of online businesses.
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Submission + - Evidence of a Facebook Music Service Surfaces (

glacierwong writes: "

Ben Parr

DATE: MON July 11, 2011

References to a product called “Vibes” have been found in Facebook’s code, and it could be related to the company’s rumored music service.

The social network launched its Skype-powered video chat service on Wednesday. Part of the process of getting started with the one-on-one video communication product is downloading and installing a programon the desktop.

Eagle-eyed software engineer and researcher Jeff Rose was curious about what he was installing and how it interacts with Skype, so he decided to look into the code of the desktop app. In it, he found that the installer supports not one but two applications. One is called “Peep,” which is related to the video chat client, and one is called “Vibes,” which is apparently related to a music downloading app.

Here’s the code in question:

if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.peep"))
return this.window.getMember("VideoChatPlugin");
if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.vibes")) {
return this.window.getMember("MusicDownloadDialog");

It seems clear that Facebook has something related to music downloading up its sleeve. Could it be an app for downloading your music and uploading it to the cloud? Could it be powered by Spotify? Or could it just be code that refers to a defunct or discarded product?

Don’t bet on Facebook’s music app being called “Facebook Vibes,” though. There’s a reason why Facebook’s video chat product isn’t called “Facebook Peep.” Still, we know Facebook has a music product coming soon, and now we believe it will do more than simply play your favorite tunes.

What do you think Facebook has up its sleeve?"

Submission + - SPAM: selling my ipad

cary15pngl writes: When I read all about the posts and reviews about this site, I figured that it is better to sell my iPad online than to have it sold to repair shops that buy broken models. Also, I decided to sell my iPad for a lot of reasons.
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Submission + - Greece: Begin Considering Your Family vacation Now (

owenmcfarlan1025 writes: For illustration on the island of Crete you have Knossos Palace the seat of King Minos and the Minoan civilization. You have the island of Spinalonga with its haunting past as a leper colony and in advance of that a stronghold that kept pirates at bay for years.

In Rhodes you have Rodini park which is believed to be the first actually nature reserve in the world. Not only that but you have the stays of the Lindos Acropolis which sits proudly overlooking Lindos bay. You have the archaeological internet sites in Rhodes town which include but an additional Acropolis and of course the castle from the crusades.

In Athens by itself you have the Acropolis and Parthenon which dominate the skyline and are some of the most visited and photographed sights in the entire world. There is the temple of Poseidon which is a favourite spot to view the sunset for locals and holidaymakers alike.A have to for most visitors from all about the universe is Delphi in Greece and its oracle which was 1 of the most sacred position in Ancient Greece.

For seashores in Greece you are spoilt for preference with the beautiful Smugglers cove in Zante or Zakynthos which is 1 of the most photographed beaches in the entire planet and appears on calendars and postcards all around the island. Crete has some incredible seashores from the pink sands of Elafonisi to the palm covered seashores of Vai on the eastern facet of the island.

Take a look at Rhodes and you will want to visit the remote but stunning bay of Tsambika where by quite a few a cruise ship will avoid to lets its guests enjoy the warm seas and lush sandy seaside of Tsambika.

The landscapes of the Greek islands is some thing exclusive to Greece, with rolling rugged hills with patchworks of vineyards, olive groves and citrus groves. The mountainous areas of Greece and the Greek islands are some of the most effective destinations to hike and cycle in Europe.

If swimming is much more your type of issue then the underwater lifestyle of Greece is remarkable particularly off the island of Crete with many a shipwreck and downed fighter plane from the WWII Battle of Crete to swim all over with some colourful fish species. You also have the Carretta Carretta turtles of Zante to swim with if your lucky as they live and nest close to the island in the course of the summer season months.

The meals of the Greek islands and Greece as a full is again a little something you have to encounter and the dishes stay exceptional from island to island. Some of our favourites are Lamb Kleftiko, Moussaka, Gyros pita and Cheese Saganaki. Most foods are clean from the subject or the sea and normally cooked in wholesome clean olive oils with vegetables grown locally and sourced fresh that day.

There are a lot of other explanations to take a look at Greece and its great islands but I hope this serves as a tiny inspiration to get you booking those holidays for the summertime.

2007 has come. And undoubtedly you have set targets for the New 12 months. Aims concerning your operate, family, relationships, associates. villa grece


Submission + - Japan PM: Reduce dependence on nuclear power (

mdsolar writes: "Japan must reduce its reliance on nuclear power, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said on Tuesday, as the country battles to end a four-month-old radiation crisis at a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant.

"We must scrap the plan to have nuclear power contribute 53 percent (of electricity supply) by 2030 and reduce the degree of reliance on nuclear power," Kan told a parliamentary panel."


Submission + - Nathan Myhrvold Goes All Billy Mays at TED 2011

theodp writes: Like Willie Sutton, Nathan Myhrvold knows where the money is. GeekWire reports that ex-Microsoft CTO and alleged patent troll Myhrvold made the most of a TED 2011 speaking appearance, pitching his $625 Modernist Cuisine cookbook to what must be the world's wealthiest infomercial audience. Actually, Slashdotters with a penchant for sawing up motherboards may find some common ground with Myhrvold, who cut a $5,000 restaurant oven in half to get one of the cookbook's many spectacular cutaway photos.

Submission + - How Google+ Measures Up On Privacy ( 1

itwbennett writes: "The slow rollout of Google+ has led some to wonder whether Google was trying to create demand through scarcity, but it might just be that the company learned its lesson from the privacy fiasco that was the launch of Google Buzz. 'I think it is very smart of Google to restrict Plus to a 'limited field trial' — they aren't even calling it a beta. Google made a misstep with the roll out of Buzz. They've already avoided that mistake with Plus with this limited release. And because it's so exclusive, tech savvy individuals are fighting to get in — just the type of folks that you want as beta testers,' said Sean Sullivan, an F-Secure security adviser. Of course, fixing bugs doesn't necessarily mean that Google will have privacy issues buttoned up. 'Google Plus is clearly designed to give people better control over their privacy with respect to their family, co-workers and friends, [but] there are other types of privacy that it simply can't provide,' says Peter Eckersley, a senior staff technologist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 'If you want a communications tool where the information you're sharing can't be read by Google, or by governments or lawyers in western countries, Google Plus isn't the service to use. Nobody has succeeded in building a social network that can offer those kinds of privacy protections yet.'"

Patent Troll Goes After Notebook Cooling 131

An anonymous reader writes "If you are manufacturing notebooks and you are using hardware that needs to be cooled down occasionally, you may be in the crosshairs of IPventure, which claims patent rights to an approach that is common in all notebooks today. For now, the company appears to be establishing its case by suing Fujitsu and Lenovo over the use of its invention in the Lifebook and Thinkpad series of products."

Google Wrestles With Privacy Bugs In Google+ 163

CWmike writes "Google's new social networking site, Google+ — built to beat Facebook primarily on privacy features — has several privacy bugs the company is working to fix. While some enthusiastic beta testers clamor for Google to open the social networking site to everybody now, it's clear Google needs to address these issues before launching Google+ more broadly. Stumbling right out of the gate over privacy problems would likely doom Google+'s chances of emerging as a viable, realistic rival to Facebook, which rules the social networking market with about 700 million account holders. So far, beta testers have been mostly positive about Google+, particularly over its design to make it easier for users to share posts and content with different sets of people, as opposed with their entire list of contacts. Many of the existing privacy bugs in Google+ revolve around the site's mechanism to block users, according to this published list."

Microsoft Wants $15 Per Android Smartphone 361

sfcrazy writes "Microsoft Corp has demanded that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd pay $15 for each smartphone handset it makes based on Google Inc's Android operating system. The software giant claims to own a wide range of patents used in the mobile platform. From the article: 'Samsung would likely seek to lower the payment to about $10 in exchange for a deeper alliance with Microsoft for the U.S. company's Windows platform, the Maeil Business Newspaper quoted unnamed industry officials as saying.'"

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