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Submission + - Celebrate Six Years of Patent Reform at Web2Con

theodp writes: "Six years ago, the NY Times hyped the launch of now-defunct BountyQuest, the patent reform lovechild of Jeff Bezos and Tim O'Reilly. Last June, Amazon lobbyist Paul Misener invoked the ghost of BountyQuest, asking Congress to believe that the Bezos-funded company's failure to declare an 'official' winner in an O'Reilly-underwritten contest to debunk Amazon's 1-Click patent proved that 1-Click was novel. Misener made the mistake of going on to boast that no 1-Click prior art had ever surfaced, prompting Rep. Howard Berman to call BS and point out that the USPTO had ordered a reexamination of the patent in May. So we should expect self-proclaimed patent protester O'Reilly to cry foul over Amazon's subversion of BountyQuest and suggestion that Tim himself proved 1-Click was patent-worthy, right? Maybe not. After all, Tim's counting on 1-Click inventor Bezos, lobbyist Misener and other patent-packing Amazonians to entertain the high-rollers next week at O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Conference."

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