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Comment Re:Same as 4th grade (Score 1) 613

And the most common error among the linguistically apt which I've come across is the contraction of "let us" without an apostrophe. I'm referring to your sig. Just thought I'd point that out since you seem concerned with perfecting your language (and it's so rare these days). Glad I could help.

Comment Re:Not a common carrier (Score 2, Insightful) 407

The intentions indeed are good. They are doing the internet (and themselves, since they are probably the biggest player in the internet game) by attempting to curtail the spread of malware. Malware, and its repercussions thereof, are tremendous forces that very well handicap network capacity, are the causes of incredibly large spending, and destroy (financially or otherwise) companies and lone users alike through data and identity theft. Malware, quite simply, is one of the worst things on the internet.

if I wanted some sort of protection from malware there are many places where I can get it by asking, I do not need to be protected involuntarily.

...but most people don't know (and don't want to know) how to protect themselves. This isn't outright censorship. I don't think of it as the works of a "nanny state" at all. I, for one, commend Google for their service, and hope they don't experience an event like this one again.

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