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Comment Agreed. (Score 1) 3

Let me know if you need any help up in North Snohomish county. My wife passed away Jan 16th (worst week of my life) so I've got spare cycles.

Comment Re:The problem is what you consider useful (Score 1) 210

Cooking last night a 1" rib eye for my daughter, who likes it very rare: Hot pan at 550F, 3 minutes a side and 5 to rest. I like mine done a bit more so 5 minutes a side and about a minute to rest (it smelled so good I couldn't wait.) There was about 4-5 minutes to get the pan to temp on an electric range.

Comment Re:Bring this smog back to America! (Score 1) 77

Exactly! Remember L.A. back in the 70s before California said enough is enough and required cleaner cars? And how, thanks to them and Tricky Dicky we all breath better? Nixon also signed the Clean Water Act too, if I recall.

Oh, and that whole opening up China thing.

Fuck, I never thought I'd be nostalgic for him.

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