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Comment Re:It's research... (Score 1) 148

Back in about 2003 my wife and I were contracting to ACS up in Anchorage we drove up to the HAARP site. Can't see anything from the road but got nice pictures of all the nasty military do not enter under penalty of death signs at the gate. HAARP was a really cool project. I would love to get back there and take a walk through it.

Now that I'm older and have a lot of vacation time I want to go see science sites. My next is going to be the LIGO site at Hanford, at least it's just a day trip for me. You can't get more sciency than that!


73 OM, de w7com

Comment Re: It's research... (Score 1) 148

I'm actually crap at code, got my general after no-code. Mostly these days I just play with old Motorola gear I impulsively buy on ebay. My latest project is making an adrino IP to QuickCall II encoder for the pile of Pageboy II pagers that I bought. Not that I have any use for that, it's just something I like to play with. I love the old batwing and Bell System stuff. My work phone is a 5 line Touch-a-matic 32 with the KSU under the desk.. chime bell, of course.

Okay, I'm an odd duck.

73 de w7com

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 1) 538

This is why I use FreeBSD. People at work think I'm the Linux guru but I'm not. It's just close enough to BSD that I can get most things working with a bit of google-fu.

Do you want a NAT router with a DHCP server that also handles mail, DNS and FTP? Okay, give me about a half hour with a bare box. Add 5 minutes for traffic graphs delivered via MRTG and Apache. Another 10 minutes and you'll have IPv6 via a tunnel broker. All on a minimal platform using BSD.

Of course you can do that with Linux too, but I've been doing BSD for two decades now and can do it in my sleep.

I use Windows 7 as my desktop because work requires AD, AV, Checkpoint VPN, Domino Notes mail (I'm the admin.) and other programs that really just work there. But any special tasks I just request a VM, they are always surprised when I ask for just 1 CPU and 512MB of RAM. The Windows guys just don't understand how much you can get done with BSD in a small footprint.

Comment Re:still have one bookmark... (Score 1) 225

Yes, we are old farts. Our first accounts were just terminal sessions via modems. Teleport.com, Connected.com, Wolfe.net. Lynx and gopher were the way I spent hours. My wife and I actually met via talk(1) on the regional ISP. That lead later to moving to Seattle for us to both work for that ISP. We hosted images.slashdot.org when Rob's T1 became saturated. That was on an old Pent 90 with 256MB of RAM running Slackware. We were the big dogs in the Seattle ISP world back then because we had a whole T3 from Sprint (45Mb/s) and almost 500 modems.

I just noticed the other day that my domain is over 20 years old, I should have had a party.

Comment Re:But nothing about forcing them... (Score 1) 90

I had ISDN in 1998 (in Edmonds to connect to my servers in the Westin Building) but is that still a thing except for 23B1D DS1 circuits for office phones? Maybe some uses in broadcast radio RPU setups, but really? Are you using a 2B1D 128Kb/s line?

I just hope that you five developers are using terminal SSH to "develop" with. Otherwise your live is hell.

Comment Re:There was a scary sci-fi story (Score 1) 373

You're talking about Organlegging.

Organlegging is the name of a fictional crime in the Known Space universe created by Larry Niven. It is the illicit trade of black market human organs for transplant. The term organlegging is a portmanteau combining the words "organ" and "bootlegging", literally the piracy and smuggling of organs.

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