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Submission + - Cisco Buys vCider to Take on Nicira (slashdot.org)

Nerval's Lobster writes: "Cisco has announced the acquisition of vCider, adding software-defined networking expertise to counter rival VMware’s recent acquisition of Nicira.

Unfortunately, that means customers who have subscribed to vCider’s service will only be able to use it through Dec. 31 via the vCider Website. The vCider technology will be integrated into future Cisco products, and terminated as a standalone service.

Specifically, vCider specializes in virtual network overlay technology for secure data center infrastructure. “So where does vCider come in?” Hilton Romanski, head of corporate business development at Cisco, wrote in a blog post. “The vCider team has created a multi-tenant distributed virtual network controller. vCider’s code and technology will be integrated into our current development efforts of the OpenStack Quantum network service.”

Romanski added that vCider’s programmable networking capabilities are becoming more important in today’s multi-tenant data center. While it’s true that pools of computing, storage, and networking are seen as increasingly critical pieces of the puzzle (see EMC chief executive Jim Tucci’s comments at Oracle OpenWorld for more on that, including EMC’s work to add software-defined storage pools to Cisco’s network). Cisco’s acquisition was seen as a competitive move after VMware bought Nicira. That put the SDN market and its technology providers in play."

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