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Comment Please change this headline... (Score 2) 65 "Super-sketchy slimeball makes vague, unsubstantiated claim of having been hired by a Fortune 500 company".

Motherboard's headline at least acknowledges that all it's reporting is "ransomware gang claims that...", and the other report cited by the post says
F-Secure’s security advisor Sean Sullivan doesn’t think the story sounds plausible. “It’s probably a young gun, just trying to make a hundred bucks. 95% chance he’s spinning a yarn,”

I'm not saying it can't be true, but seriously, but why does /.'s headline upgrade crooks to people whose statements should be taken at face value?

Comment Re:Terrible (Score 1) 145

...which would be a useful response if anyone was talking about replacing literacy training. Everyone is freaking out as though CS curricula in primary schools is something new, but it's really, really not. We were making turtles move around the screen in LOGO on my school's Commodore 64s in the 80s.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score -1, Troll) 519

Your bandwidth is not being "stolen". It's being used to help the creator of the content to which you feel so entitled pay for the bandwidth being used to serve it. As such, if either of you is stealing something (neither of you is, but if we had to go there), it would be you, consuming someone's content while circumventing the means by which the other party has the audacity to try to support themselves, or at least not lose money so they can entertain you for free.

A scorched-earth ad policy that ignores the difference between ads that support content creators with minimal impact on the user experience and Fucking Ads only makes it harder for people who are creating worthwhile content and trying to support themselves responsibly to do so (and if you don't think the content is worthwhile, why are you there in the first place?).

That said, I hope models like Patreon catch on enough to provide an alternative that is better for everyone, supporting artists directly and eliminating the need for ads and all the issues that come with them.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

Do you expect me to be surprised that there exist women who have enjoyed easy integration into tech? I mean, of course there are! How sad would it be if that weren't so? That doesn't mean others don't have a harder time, that they aren't driven out by the kind of workplace engendered (so to speak) by people like the ACs upthread who are coming right out and saying that they think most women are naturally inferior when it comes to STEM, that they just whine, don't have real concerns, and how they fail to appreciate all the "attention" given to them by their helpful colleagues.

I actually agree with many of the author of this post's points, to an extent, but she's basically going from "my experience wasn't like yours" to "therefore yours isn't real", and that's not how that works. As people in this thread have so helpfully demonstrated, there are some really toxic attitudes out there, the kind that start with "I only want to judge people on how well they can code", but don't take long to get to "everybody knows girls just aren't as good at coding as guys are", and while it's great that a woman can have a career without encountering that, many do, which reinforces the "you aren't wanted here" message that things like girl-centric tech courses and, to bring this back to the original point, organizations sending a different message by doing things that acknowledging the importance of integration, are trying to circumvent.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

If you think I came within a mile of "conceding" something as idiotic as the notion that men are "biologically" better at STEM than women, either I seriously mis-spoke or you seriously mis-read.

And then you top it off by suggesting that if someone concedes your stupid generalizations about race, they have to also concede your stupid generalizations about sex?

Umm, no.

Also, wtf?

But anyway, now that you've come out and admitted that you think women are inferior to you when it comes to IT, thank you for playing the "demonstrate the problem we've been talking about" game.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

Ah, I see from another comment what I think you mean. You're right, I shouldn't have suggested that 99.9% of coders are white males. White males are still far from a marginalized group in the industry, though, particularly where I am in the US, which was my actual point.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

Ok, fair point. Unless you're prepared to make the case that white males (or, as an actual counter to the proposed test, just males in general) are a marginalized class in IT it doesn't affect my thesis, but fair point about the racial demographics. Sorry about that.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

Nobody is arguing against doing those things. But there's not much point to them if you don't have ways to measure your success, and someone has proposed a (not even "then", just "a") way to do that. You're creating a false dichotomy.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

If some would-be Larry Bird was talking about how he wanted to break into basketball but was driven away by harassment, or just by a day-to-day hostile environment created by the racial equivalent of guys who think sexism is a net win for women because it's easier for them to strip for a living (seriously?), then we should listen to that guy, too.

As far as I know, there are a lot more talented women trying to say there's a problem in tech than there are talented white guys trying to say there's a problem in basketball, though, and more often than not their complaints are met with comments like yours. And then we wonder why there aren't more women in IT.

Comment Re:Here's MY test (Score 1) 522

...and if we lived in a world where it was ever a question whether 99.9% of projects would pass your version of that test, you might have a point. In that world, the "white male" version would, for whatever other faults it has, at least be trying to provide a metric for measuring integration of a marginalized group. But as that is not the world in which we live, your version of the test is pointless at best, and offensive at worst not because it is inherently so, but because in the real world it can only serve to gatekeep on behalf of a currently empowered class, not to serve an unempowered one. That is why the tests are different.

And to the people jumping on Dave420 with stats about national and world population in response to him using the term "minority", please note the "for programmers" part of the title here. The fact that women are a majority of the population at large has zero relevance to a point about their minority status within the relevant context i.e. the industry, other than to underscore the fact that maybe that disparity is indicative of a problem we should look at and have ways to measure our success at addressing.

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