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Comment Seriously Bennett? (Score 3, Interesting) 157

As a system administrator in a high school with about 1,000 students, I can say in short: No way and this post totally misses the mark.

First and foremost, anything that is going to distract a student in class and is not educationally related will be blocked in school. Simple as that. Teachers have enough to manage in class or outside of class during normal school hours without having to deal with social media intruding into their work.

In regard to sexting and using Snapchat over traditional communication, I have not seen an observable difference in the frequency of issues pre and post Snapchat sexting. There are plenty of ways to save Snapchats that students know know to do, including such low-tech ways as taking photos of the phone displaying the message. OP doesn't consider that these images are sometimes sent to many individuals initially by the person who took the images. By that point, one of the students would most likely alert a school administrator. I'd say a larger indicator of when this would be a school issue is how many individuals it was sent to initially.

Comment Non-story (Score 5, Informative) 322

In another article about this states that NYC replaces 8,000 signs a year anyway due to wear and tear and has until 2018 to finish.
From the article:

The additional cost to the city, if any, will be "marginal" because it receives a steady stream of state funding for routine sign repairs and replacement, DOT spokesman Seth Solomonow said. The life of a typical sign is about a decade, so most of the city's signs would be replaced in the next few years anyway, Solomonow said.

They didn't follow federal regulations on road signage, but are fixing them now as part of regular maintenance.


Vonage Hit With $69.5M Judgement 234

andy1307 writes "The Washington Post is reporting that Net telephone company Vonage Holdings Corp. was ordered in federal court Tuesday to pay Sprint Nextel $69.5 million in damages for infringing on six telecommunications patents owned by competitor Sprint Nextel Corp. In addition to the damages, jurors awarded Sprint Nextel a 5 percent royalty from Vonage on future revenues. It was the second verdict against Vonage this year. A jury in Virginia determined in March that Vonage had violated three Verizon patents in building its Internet phone system. The jury awarded Verizon $58 million in damages plus 5.5 percent royalties on future revenues. Greg Gorbatenko, a telecommunications and media analyst for Jackson Securities, said the decision 'feels like a death knell' for Vonage because future revenue will likely dry up, preventing the company from investing in better technology or improving customer service."

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