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Comment It's called "sales engineering" (Score 1) 331

The solution is not to turn your consultants in to sales people, or to attempt to coerce them into becoming an extension of sales.

As others have pointed out, this is how it works everywhere in the industry.

If you are a product company, and you have a consulting staff, you don't "pollute" them by having them also overtly serve the sales organization, you use them as your "feet on the ground" to gather intel about what is going on inside the customer account and to help you figure out how to best align your (sales) goals with what the customer is doing. A good sales person does not ask the people in the field to compromise themselves as trusted advisors to the customer, but they will try to figure out what is going on in the account in order to make the best pitch to the customer.


What makes this sound like it won't be so easy for the OP is that he claims to work for an "IT consulting firm" not a product company. If you have a sales staff, like it or not, you're working a product company.

Submission + - Mom busted for "stealing" son's Facebook account (yahoo.com)

NeoBeans writes: An Arkansas teen has filed a harassment complaint against his mother for getting in to his Facebook account and posting stories on his wall and engaging in communication with him and his friends which included embarrassing stories about the teen. What makes this story interesting is not the complaint itself, but how the teen characterizes his mother's actions...

In his handwritten complaint to prosecutors, Lane New asked that his mother have no contact with him and wrote, "Denise first hacked my Facebook and changed my password. She also changed the password to my e-mail so I could not change it. She posted things that involve slander and personal facts about my life." Denise New acknowledged changing both passwords to keep her son from getting access to his Facebook page. She denied hacking into the account.

However, it appears no real "hacking" was involved...

"He left it logged in on my computer," she said. "It's not like I stole his laptop."

Is this a case of a careless user getting what they deserve because they remained logged in on a machine others had access to, or is this a case of harassment?


Submission + - Pakistan Uses Google Earth For Military Targeting 1

NeoBeans writes: According to this article in the New York Times about the recent "improvements" in military strikes by the Pakistani military included dropping Google Earth as part of their target planning.

...the air force has shifted from using Google Earth to more sophisticated images from spy planes and other surveillance aircraft, and has increased its use of laser-guided bombs.

And no, you can't really find Osama Bin Laden using Google Maps either.

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