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Comment Advertising and encouraging criminal activities? (Score 1) 105

IANAL, but if you're advertising something where the main feature is to engage in illegal activities - you're gunna get nicked. Probably on the grounds of encouraging people to break the law.

I think we all know that the software is free, and that it hasn't been "banned" in any sense.
I think the above argument is the only thing that will hold up in court.

Google doesn't encourage you to use it's browser to engage in illegal activity, any more than Wusthof encourages you to use their kitchen knives to stab people.

Comment Stop with the crappy computers (Score 1) 171

Microsoft has to do something, because the OEMs typically flood the market with cheap desktop/laptop/all-in-one machines.
The end result is a cheap machine that barely functions, thrown onto the market, and bought by someone thinking that these computers are even fit-for-purpose.

Case in point: Anything with an AMD-E1 processor.
Those machines are barely usable and it makes Windows 10 look and run terrible, hurting OEM and Microsoft alike.

I've seen too many people buy them because of their price, and then realize that they wasted their money because the thing can only run application at a time, and trying to run two drags the whole computer to a crawl.

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