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Comment You'll never catch them all, and that's by design (Score 1) 79

On the topic of leveling up (link after the jump):

“Once you hit [the] mid 20s, you will start to notice even the most common of Pokémon have an abnormally high chance to evade capture. In no scenario should a 10cp Pidgey/Ratatta/Weedle be able to avoid capture from a lvl 29 Pokémon trainer, much less avoid it 5-8 times in the same battle (no exaggeration).Considering the need to use such large numbers of Pokeballs to capture even the most trivial Pokémon, combined with the “astronomically high” XP required, Riggnaros states “From level 29-30 I went through over 1000 Pokeballs. Literally. I cannot stress how ridiculous this would be for someone playing w/o spending coins on Pokeballs (ie playing the game f2p – which is the majority).”

So I guess that the game is specifically designed to suck you in, get you hooked on it like a drug, and then start smacking you hard so you have to pay-to-play. most smartphone "games" which let you "cheat" if you pay up really.

And you'll never catch them all. Why would they ever let you do that? To kill the goose laying the golden eggs?

Comment *Sigh* not this again (Score 1) 1

I just don't understand this push to get "diversity" in the workplace.
Assuming that everyone isn't a racist, then Race. Doesn't. Matter. when it comes to who works for you and with you.
Assuming that everyone isn't sexist/homophobic then neither does gender, really.
All that has ever really mattered is character, experience, and ability.

Do we need greater representation of people who like death metal in the workplace?
How about more representation of people who like red shoes?
Perhaps we should also push for more representation of people who pretend to be household furniture as a hobby.

All these distinctions are meaningless. ... but we get it. Race and gender somehow preoccupies western nations to the point where racism and sexism is prolonged by continuing to make these inane distinctions... and then people whine about increased racism/sexism in society!

Well duh....

As Morgan Freeman said, the best way to end racism is to stop talking about it.

Comment Re: What typically happens (Score 2) 209

There's a viable business to be had for computer guys here.

People will pay you money just so they don't have to talk to "Michael" with the very strong accent, and go through that tech support nightmare.
You act as an agent - and aside from giving the personal touch, you might be able to look at the customer's exact problem in person and then go on to speak the same tech language to the offshore guy.

Comment What typically happens (Score 5, Insightful) 209

The outsourced tech support engineer is too busy trying to close tickets on you to issues they can't solve.
Frustrated customer tries to get them reopened.

Support engineer goes back to their boss and say "Hey, my KPIs in dealing with tickets is fantastic!", and the boss pats him on the head and says "Good job! You're doing a better job than local tech support staff... and cheaper too!"
Meanwhile, the customer is getting damn angry - but the boss isn't able to hear about it because tickets are getting closed, so his higher ups are happy with that.

Sure, there might be a customer survey after the call - but typically after having enough time wasted on the call that went nowhere, nobody is in the mood to fill these out. Angry responses are explained away as the customer was being unreasonable, etc.

Comment Example Chinese negotiation (Score 2, Insightful) 89

China smiles to you and you sit down at the negotiations:

China: "Here's our proposed deal. You'll give us everything that we want, and in return you'll get nothing and we won't even say thank you. I think you'll see that this is completely fair and equitable."

Comment Re:Gradual change into public transport taxis (Score 1) 192

I'm pretty certain in the future, all we need to do is use a smartphone app to call one of the many roving AI driven taxis about to pick us up... or have them routinely scheduled to do so every day. Indeed, we won't need to own our own car - especially in large cities where car ownership is unecessary

Comment Re:Ew (Score 4, Informative) 154

Recent issue:

Friend had a cheap HP desktop. Wanted to upgrade it to 8GB as according to the website, it was specced for that.
Goes to buy compatible RAM as listed on the website.
RAM doesn't work. PC won't boot.
Goes to shop to try all different kinds of RAM, and none of their RAM worked. PC still won't boot.

Calls HP and asks about the RAM.
Told he needs "HP" RAM and HP offers to sell it to him for over $200

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