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Comment Re:Blakes 7 (Score 1) 922

(Avon activates the star drive incinerating Dr. Langstrom in the Process)

Dayna: What about Dr. Langstrom?
Avon: Who?

Orac: We need to lose 63 Kilos in order to achieve orbit.
Avon: Who do we have left to jettison that weighs 63 Kilos?
Orac: Vila weights 70 Kilos.....
Avon: Vila, where are you?


Submission + - Techie Mistakenly Arrested on Basis of IP Address (

An anonymous reader writes: A Bangalore-based software engineer, Lakshmana Kailash K, was wrongly jailed for 50 days last year by the Pune police cyber cell. Lakshmana had been falsely accused of an internet crime — posting unseemly pictures on the web — and was arrested based on the internet protocol address. As it turned out, the IP address was not his. But by the time the police confirmed this and acted on it, he had already spent 50 harrowing days at the Yerwada Jail with hardened criminals, had tasted lathi beatings and was made to use one bowl to both eat and for the toilet.

Submission + - The other side of Google's Aussie lawsuit

retrofuturist writes: The Australian competition regulator that is suing Google on the basis that antipodeans can't distinguish the sponsored links from organic ones has told a court it depends "on the angle of the screen". The judge hearing the matter ordered the litigants to confine their complaints to "two pages, double spaced" before allowing it to go any further.

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