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Submission + - The Saga of NiceBooby.Net and NBC's Hilarious Shadow-URL Empire (

Recaply writes: Maybe one night, as you scuttled darkly across the fringes of the internet, you came across a site like Or Maybe even But when you clicked, you were met not with the lurid promises of the URL, but rather by the smiling faces of SNL cast members. Had you discovered a wormhole in the web? Nah. Just another pervy-sounding NBC property.

Submission + - Researchers Create First General-Purpose Programmable Quantum Computer (

Zothecula writes: To date, quantum computers have been implemented so that programming their operation was, in essence, hardwired into their essential structure. Although many useful demonstrations of quantum computing have resulted from such special-purpose devices, they are basically one-problem computers which cannot easily be reprogrammed or scaled to attack larger problems. As early models of practical quantum computers, they don't make the grade. Recently, however, John Martinis' research group at the University of California at Santa Barbara has created the first general-purpose programmable quantum computer.

Comment don't forget the artists (Score 1) 516

Everyone is talking about labels and government and such, but as i see it, there is no label if there is no musicians. Maybe the change needs to start with them. Its not difficult, maybe start earning with live shows instead of media distribution. Black-eyed peas made a videoclip were a samsung cellphone appeared in it, an obvious ad as the clip had nothing to do with cellphones and the cams focused in it to better show the brand. And still, i see the album of this song, 1 or 2 years old, being sold for $10 on amazon. They probably made a millionaire agreement with samsung, but aren't satisfied enough.

Comment Re:There will be no GNOME 4. (Score 1) 378

Minor disagree here, firefox is dying for the memory leaks and occasional crashes and so on caused by developers changing focus to something that doesn't really matter; the design is just a generic copy of chrome that is used by explorer 9+ too. I think that it become too big, and the developers started to think like the big corporations and broke it because of that. After all, what made firefox get so many adepts is probably the way it made the things different from microsoft and explorer. Maybe gnome suffered from the same disease.

Comment Re:I gave gifts like this once. Everyone hated the (Score 1) 377

If you're trying to spread the news about Free Software, the only effective way to do it is to SHOW them. Most of the people whom I've converted to Linux did so after watching me use KDE (formerly) and Gnome (more recently).

I second this, the few people that show me some interest about linux had done this for little things of interest after watching my desktop. For example, a coworker tried linux after he saw some of my xfce screensavers (cow bouncing, pacman played by the computer, etc). Came for the screensaver, stayed for the free stuff.


Submission + - Using lasers to see sound (

wisebabo writes: Wow, what an awesome technique; because pressure waves (slightly) change the density of air and the speed of light (slightly) changes in mediums of varying density ("c" is only constant in a vacuum), you can theoretically map sound waves using light.

Well these guys have done it, using a laser, reflector and presumably other gadgets (interferometer?, camera, computer) to image at 100,000 fps(!) the sounds coming out of a speaker being tuned to higher frequencies. They use it to check the directionality of speaker designs but I'm wondering; would some of those new super-accurate "frequency combs" astronomers are now using greatly improve the accuracy/sensitivity of this so that it wouldn't have to be used in an enclosed setting? It would be cool to be able to point a (low power) possibly non-visible light laser into the sky (at a cloud perhaps) and see the pressure waves from the wind, storms, tornadoes, airplanes, wind turbines, traffic, rock concerts and what not. Maybe not today but how about ten years?

Science (and technology) the gift that keeps on giving. (No thanks to the ultra-conservative types like the Taliban who want to return us to the dark ages as far as I can tell:


Submission + - White house officially states: "We don't know ET" ( 1

ZeroExistenZ writes: The white house officially answered the question "Do we know ET?" following a petition. Phil Larson kindly points out what we already, dissapointedly, suspected.

The petition was motivated out of a white house committment, "We the people", to answer any petition within 30 days counting 5,000 signatures


Submission + - Massive DNS Cache Poisoning Hits Brazil ( 1

Orome1 writes: A massive DNS cache poisoning attack attempting to infect users trying to access popular websites is currently under way in Brazil, according to Kaspersky Lab expert Fabio Assolini. Brazil has some big ISPs. Official statistics suggest the country has 73 million computers connected to the Internet, and the major ISPs average 3 or 4 million customers each. If a cybercriminal can change the DNS cache in just one server, the number of potential victims is huge. And that is exactly what has been happening during last week. Users trying to reach Google, YouTube, Facebook and other popular global and local sites were being faced with pop-up windows telling them to install "Google Defence" and similar thematic software or Java applet in order to be able to access the wanted site.

Submission + - Anonymous Hackers Begin Facebook Attacks ( 1

jjp9999 writes: The hacker collective Anonymous Operations has begun its cyberattacks against Facebook, as part of their OpFacebook. The cyberattack campaign aims to take Facebook offline and mass delete user accounts. So far, it seems Facebook is still online, and given that Anonymous announced their attack months back, Facebook likely put the necessary systems in place to deal with the typical DDoS and SQL injections that are common from the hacker collective. Individual user accounts could still be at risk though, so today may be a good day to update your passwords.

Submission + - 1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Test Completed ( 4

sanosuke001 writes: "Andrea Rossi's E-Cat 1MW Cold Fusion test completed in Italy with 30+ attendees including Professors from the University of Bologna, the Associated Press, NyTeknik,, and additional physicists. The test failed to reach the 1 MW load goal, however, reached 479 kWh in looped mode. Some skepticism is still warranted as the prospective customer, although satisfied with the test, remains anonymous. According to an article at Wired (, there has been some speculation that the covert customer could be DARPA. Also, the generator used to initialize the E-Cat device was apparently connected for the entirety of the test but assured that its output was turned off. I, for one, have a little hope in this being real but take it with a very large grain of salt."

Comment repercussion (Score 1) 4

Am i loosing something? A guy named Rossi walks into a bar, says it had made a generator using cold fusion (reported by wikipedia as junk science), swear it worked in a test that only his friends can go in, get front page in slashdot, an article in wired, some attention in cnn, and everyone that comments anything in these sites in the comments area says always positive nice things about the guy. I never saw this happen in the net, i was expecting at least a little of trolling or skeptics flamebaiting or something like that, but no. No one at all. Everyone says constructive positive things. Even in the articles and posts about the death of Dennis Ritchie i saw some guys trolling. Here in slashdot was different, but here and only here. Im scared. is the interwebs acting strange or is just me?

Submission + - Andrea Rossi Claims E-Cat Test a Success ( 4

NoisySplatter writes: The test of Andrea Rossi's 1MW cold fusion power plant mentioned previously here has been declared a success by its inventor. During the test the E-Cat unit is reported to have produced an average of 470 kW over 5 hours. Skeptics however should have no trouble finding ammunition with which to attack the test, since the power plant remained suspiciously connected to a running generator the entire time.

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