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Comment Re:How do you DES encrypt a password like gawker d (Score 1) 209

download John The Ripper, and use the command "john --format=DES mypass.txt", where mypass.txt is a file containing "jsmith::1001:1000:Joe Smith,Room 1007,(234)555-8910,(234)555-0044,email:/hom". Obtain your pw hash from the torrented file obviously.

I had the same problem, and found mine in 3 hours and 39 minutes -- DES is just plain easy to crack. Then had to spend a few more hours changing that password on ~50 forums and news sites.

Comment Re:Why I chose Apple for my dev laptop (Score 1) 672

Turn down the hostility a notch, dude, I was just answering iocat's question. Visit another Slashdot thread or two, there's this thing called topic drift, you know?

And I laugh at your second statement, since I'm still waiting on a Thinkpad or Dell machined from a solid block of Aluminum, synaptics touchpad with gesture support, illuminated keyboard, a power adapter equal or better to the MagJack, LED backlighting, decent battery life WITHOUT a drive bay (yes, to me a swappable drive bay is a dis-feature), lithium polymer batteries rather than lithium ion for better power density to weight ratio, and oh yea, the absence of a Microsoft operating system for something you know, more UNIX-y. There are laptops from Dell and Lenovo that have some of the features above, but not one that comes close to having all of them.

Personally I love how computer geeks on Slashdot will argue over spending a few hundred extra dollars for something THEY SIT IN FRONT OF ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I wouldn't buy a $500 car if I drove 1000 miles a week. In the end you get what you pay for. A $300 netbook will not get you very far, ask me how I know.

Comment Re:Predictible answer - Mac. (Score 1) 672

Buy a USB hub, a Mini DisplayPort to [VGA|DVI] adaptor, and an extra power adaptor (shouldn't run you >$100 total). I unplug and plug these three things into my MacBook daily and it's not bad at all. To think that I could pick my nose with the three seconds I would've saved is profound.

Comment Re:To Mac or Not (Score 1) 672

I'm feeding fire to the flame by saying this, but if you're okay with shelling out another $800 to Apple, the 24" LED Cinema Display makes a great docking station -- Well, the closest Apple will ever get. It has three connections, USB to 3-port hub, Mini DisplayPort, and a Mag Jack for power. Not as easy as just picking your laptop up and walking away, but it's really not that bad. Yes it's obviously over-priced, but for me it works. Also the LED backlight and In-Plane Switching TFT panel makes it tremendously better color reproduction and viewing angle when compared to the CCFL twisted-nematic displays common today. I do a lot of photography so the color reproduction is important.

But I do agree with you, I don't know any businesses outside of art and movie studios that would go with a MacBook and Cinema Display. I find it works great for home though. And yes, I'm in the boat that thinks spending >$2000 for a computer setup isn't a huge deal if it's something you like in the end. I could turn it into a car analogy i.e. Mercedes vs. Volkswagen, but I'm rambling on at this point.

Comment Re:Why I chose Apple for my dev laptop (Score 1) 672

I ran into the same problem. Basically the answer is "PCs are keyboard-driven, Macs are primarily mouse-driven." I did find a few hacks that should get the home/end keys working, but with all the kernel panics and problems I've had with Snow Leopard so far, I decided not to push my luck.

Comment Re:I'll go with "untrue" (Score 1) 165

I know how much revenue Apple makes from the App Store ($95 million of $25 billion for the last three quarters, last time I checked)... I read Gizmodo' RSS feed daily, and there was story just last week - Jesus Diaz did a nice info graphic to represent it. In my opinion, the app store makes much more than that, since it makes the iPhone that much more desirable. Having the most apps makes your platform very successful, just look at Microsoft. Anyway, I stand by my point. Taking on Amazon and getting into the eBook market through through the iTunes store would be a great move for Apple.

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