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Comment Re:Other reform options (Score 1) 2044

Totally agree.

Late last year, I had some "required pre-op bloodwork" done in preparation for minor neck surgery. I drove to the hospital, signed some papers, and was ushered to a back room where a nurse drew two vials of blood, then sent me on my way. My car was still warm when I got back in it.

I was billed $1,200 for the hospital visit. My insurance, which I send about $7k in premiums each year, found a dozen "reasons" to deny payment on the subsequent claim. I'm still fighting.

Now, I don't blame the providers for trying to milk insurance for everything they're worth, and for amortizing costs across $30 aspirin and $20 toothbrushes. I also don't blame insurance companies for avoiding payment - they have a bottom line, too. I blame costs. When a blood draw costs as much as a CAT scan, we shouldn't be focused on access to insurance; we should be lowering the cost of the blood draw. Our system lacks efficiency, transparency, and common sense.

Comment Re:*rolleyes* (Score 1) 288

It just takes one motivated enough to write a parser for javascript for common munging techniques.

See, that's the thing... I'm not a spammer (really), but if I were, I wouldn't think the average person taking advantage of munging techniques would be remotely worth the effort.

Spam preys on the 1/10,000th of the population that gets excited about lost millions, internet lotteries, cheap pharmaceuticals, or security warnings that appear to be from their banks. People who take the time to obscure their primary e-mail addresses tend to be keen enough to not fall for these things...


Submission + - iPhone has Arrived

teknopurge writes: "AYBABTU, but seriously now, the much anticipated iPhone is here, and first impressions show that they hype leading up to the device came up short: it's pretty and has multiple spacial sensors. Check out the play-by-play at"

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