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Comment Wrong way (Score 1) 776

Soda? Who would like to consume NaCO3 in any form?

Jokes aside, the whole area of luxury consumption - like junk food and sugar-drinks - is highly inflamed and mired down in huge, economic interests. Whole sectors of industry all across the world would collapse if people suddenly started to eat and drink only healthily; yet there is no doubt that this same consumer life-style is the biggest cause of preventable, early death, disability and general bad health.

People often say "nobody is forcing you to buy junk food", when you criticize the junk-food industry; but that is a superficial argument that is not justified. As all modern research into the causes of obesity shows very clearly, it is not simply a matter of personal choice, whether you eat too much junk; and anybody who has tried to fight a serious weight problem will know from experience that it takes more than mere will-power to stay away from the calories. Our bodies and instincts are programmed to make us fatten up when we are surrounded by abundance. When you turn on the tv you are constantly indoctrinated to go and consume junk food, and when you go to the supermarket the displays are brimming with it; you will be hard put to find a quick and easy, healthy option. So is it really a matter of personal choice? I don't think so.

What one should remember is that these things are neither human fundamental rights nor basic food-stuffs; they are luxuries. And while luxury can be nice from time to time, it simply get trivial and not actually enjoyable when you have it all the time.

I don't know what is the best way forward, but the present situation is simply not sustainable. Personally, I would like to see a situation where basic, healthy necessities were abundant and easy to find everywhere, but luxury items were something you would have to go out of your way to find; not the other way around.

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