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Comment Re:Nice try (Score 2, Insightful) 736

And first most important greenhouse gas is water vapor. Regardless of the truth of AGW, it is not immediately obvious that smog in cities indicates or leads to a significant effect in the atmosphere. I believe in AGW but let's not claim the climate science is easy to understand or obvious. This is why I get angry when AGWers equate those that disbelieve in AGW with creationists; the principles behind evolution are much easier and more intuitive to understand than climate science is.

Comment Re:Call the FBI? (Score 1) 1127

Depends on the circumstance. Yes it is hard to download 10,00 child porn images and over 40 hours of videos. One image however? I am pretty sure there is more going on here than just this one image. Was he suspected of something else? Someone really not like him? Was he a thorn in someones side? The FBI knows they have better things to do, especially if it took them a year to knock on his door. They could have only known about him downloading that image when he downloaded it most likely from a trap. If it was mislabeled and downloaded from an FBI server set up to find people downloading these images I would be all over an entrapment case like I might have to go to jail for 20 years. He would be best served however by not going public about this because if he does go to jail and someone recognizes him, well that wont make you any friends.

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