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Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 2) 152

if Apple found a loophole that allowed them to legally dump poisonous metals wherever they like, would you take the same stance?

Payment for double taxation is not remotely like polluting the earth.

You're right, the taxes I pay are completely fucking comparable to the taxes Apple doesn't pay by exploiting loopholes.

No, Apple's loopholes are exactly like you (and I) taking deductions for mortgage insurance, kids, depreciation on rental property, etc, etc, etc.

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1, Insightful) 174

It must make you so angry to realize how much more Musk has accomplished already compared to what you will ever be able to accomplish. He's become a billionaire three times over - paypal, tesla, spaceX - and driven those arenas far further forward than anyone else at the time.

And the most you're capable of is calling people moron on the internet.

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