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Comment Re:She won (Score 1) 498

I won't argue your larger point. We live in a representative republic, not a democracy.

But this "and only by a bit at that" is demonstrably false.

While the count is still going on, she's already won the popular vote by more than anyone except Obama in 2008. It's more than 2,7000,000 people voted for Hillary over Trump. It's not politically meaningful *today*, but it is something.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 498

Won't disagree with that, but is there any promise Trump hasn't already broken?

They're two sides of the same coin. His comes along with blatant racism, misogyny, populism, and cronyism.

But he sure knew how to play the game better. I'll give him that. Which is ironic given that she's a career politician.

If the Dem's don't learn the real lesson from that, there's no hope for them either.

Comment Re:The Reality Distortion Field. (Score 3, Informative) 111

Sure, but put it into perspective of Apple's overall sales.

2106: $215B total revenues

Apple would have to sell $2B of just smart watches for it to be more than 1% of gross revenues, or a rounding error. Which is bigger than the entire smart watch market.

Does every large company report on every line of sales that's less than 1%? Or do they often just roll it into 'Other' or some larger product line?

Criticizing Apple for doing the same just shows a level of ignorance that is most likely based in blind hatred.

Comment Re:New Apple spx: Donald Trump (Score 1) 111

Actually, they've been carrying debt for the last couple years when it became cheap to do so, and they couldn't repatriate their earnings w/o huge tax losses.

Nothing major (for their scale of business), but it is somewhere on the order of $50B. That may sound a lot to you, but it's a couple weeks of sales to them.

Comment Re:I always thought (Score 2) 111

You would really suck as busienss.

Apple is the most profitable company in the phone industry (104% profit while at ~20% of sales)
Apple is the most profitable company in the computer industry (~25% profit while at ~5% of sales)

Apple has zero recognition in the 'bread-and-butter' computing. They tried it for a while, couldn't cut it, so they got out. Everyone only wants the cheapest CPU/RAM/storage per $.

So, try to justify from a business point of view why they would move somewhere else, that doesn't involve losing money. Because everything you mentioned is a money losing prospect.

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