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Submission + - SETI@home Project Responds to School Firing (berkeley.edu)

SETIGuy writes: The SETI@home Project Scientist, Eric Korpela, has posted an FAQ responding to many of the allegations made by Higley Unified School District administrator Denise Birdwell regarding the difficulties caused by the installation of SETI@home. One of the founders, David Gedye, takes issue with Dr. Birdwell's claim that "an educational institution ... cannot support the search for E.T."

Meanwhile, the fired IT director denies misusing school computers

Comment Re:Is that first thing we need ? (Score 4, Insightful) 224

Why nobody was able to find any alien civilizations yet ?

That's because of a number of factors.

  1. There may in fact not be any; it's possible that life (and the conditions that cause it) is so rare in the universe that only one in a hundred galaxies has produced it
  2. It's too far away to talk to. No other civilizations farther than a little more than 100 light years away would have been able to pick up any EMF we transmitted
  3. The signals we/they transmit are likely too weak to detect
  4. It's possible that we haven't discovered their form of communication, while they haven't discovered ours
  5. They may have seen our violent history (or their own) and are afraid to communicate with us. If I was them, I'd be scared, too.
  6. They may not even realize we are alive (their form of life is likely to be more bozarre than we can imagine)
  7. Our own hubris - many (most?) people don't realize that other species on our planet do in fact think, feel, and communicate. It's only recently that science has discovered that other species do in fact communicate
  8. They may be so advanced that we're just not interesting to them

If present science are so sure about all possible consequences of creating black holes using Large Hadron Collider or any collider that size, than why any expirements needed ?

Because for a hypothesis to become a theory, it must be tested. That's how science works.

How people that are not "against science" can guarantee any HollyDolly mother, that she's childs are in safe place

There is no such thing as absolute safety. Your "1%" chance enormously overestimates the chances of a black hole swallowing the earth. We're not talking about a pea sized black hole (which would have a mass as great as a mountain), but an infinitessimal mass measuring the same as a few atoms, at most.

Information can enter black hole but can't escape.

See, the problem is calling these tiny singularities "black holes". Wikipedia's definition of "black holes" excludes these things. There is a vast difference between a gnat and an elephant, even though both are animals. There's no magic about black holes swallowing light; in space an object must have enough mass to collapse on itself to create a black hole, if I remember correctly it's about the mass of a thousand suns.

You have far more dangerous things to worry about, driving your kids to the store for instance.

Further reading about black holes. Further reading about the LHC. Further reading about Micro black holes

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