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Submission + - Verizon takes a shot at AT&T crappy voice call (geekword.net)

An anonymous reader writes: The never ending war of Verizon & AT&T is getting wilder day by day. As for the latest news, 'Verizon' the new iPhone 4 service providers has aired a commercial in which they have commented and attacked over AT&T's voice call quality.

Submission + - SPAM: Samsung Nexus S launching soon in UK

meer001 writes: Samsung Mobile Phones are launching it another 5 mega pixel camera hanset; Samsung Nexus S this February with contract phone deals. The handset should be available with all major mobile phone networks in UK and is targetted to attract large number of sales. With weight o just 129g and fully touch screen , Samsung Nexus S deals are going to hit the mobile phone deal sales to new heights this year.
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The Internet

Submission + - E-cards: Who bothers (or dares) to open them? 1

netbuzz writes: "Seems not a day goes by lately without a fresh news report of some new virus traversing the 'Net via bogus e-cards. And there's no doubt that these electronic annoyances are finding their way their way past spam filters in ever greater numbers. Which begs the question: Does anyone bother to separate the lone legit e-card from Mom out of the pile of spam and booby traps? Does anyone bother to open these things at all anymore? ... The e-card companies don't seem anxious to talk about the matter.


Submission + - Mozilla to host 24-hour developer slumber party

Stony Stevenson writes: Mozilla is to host a 24-hour web conference to develop new ideas for open source coding. Mozilla 24 will be held on 14-15 September and will let developers around the world share ideas and bug fixes.

The event will host speakers including Dr Vint Cerf, chief internet evangelist at Google, and Dr Lawrence Lessig, founder of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society.

Get your sleeping bags and popcorn ready!

Submission + - Blogger Finds Y2K Bug in NASA Climate Data (dailytech.com)

rapid_snail writes: Steve McIntyre, who operates the site climateaudit.org found some anomalies in the US temperature data used for climate modeling. The problem was found to be a Y2K bug. NASA has confirmed this and published the corrected data on its website. Years of bad data has been corrected; 1998 is no longer the warmest year on record. In fact, 5 of the 10 warmest years on record now all occur before World War II. More info here

Submission + - Allofmp3 aquitted in Russia

no-body writes: Former owner of Allofmp3 aquitted in Russia — suit thrown out of court BBC

Judge: "The prosecution did not succeed in presenting persuasive evidence of his involvement in infringing copyright law,"
Apparently, Allofmp3 paid paid part of its income to ROMS, the Russian organisation which collects and distributes fees for copyright holders.

A Russian comment: "99 cent? That's the price for two bottles of wodka here. Nobody cann affort to pay that much for a MP3 file."

Submission + - Artificial Tornadoes Could Solve Global Warming (thestar.com)

Bomarrow1 writes: Louis Michaud believes that Man-Made Tornadoes could be the answer to global warming. He suggests that if hundreds of tornadoes were placed along the equator using warm water to power them they could solve the current energy problem. A side effect of this would be that they would aid in removing heat from the atmosphere by raising warm air to the outer limits of the atmosphere.

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