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Journal Journal: I am naked. 1

I am a naked chick, which causes problems sometimes. Most of the time, I never even leave my room. But sometimes I think about leaving, so I make a few phone calls to see if a naked chick would be allowed to go to these places before I actually make the trip. I learned from experience that many people are predigest against naked chicks.

Like one time I called Disneyland to see if they allowed naked chicks. I got hung up on. So, as you can see, sometimes it really sucks to be a naked chick. I don't mind, though because it's who I am.

Lately it's been more difficult. There's this one bar I've been wanting to go to. This guy I chat with goes there a lot and he's pressuring me to go, and I really want to meet him in public, being a naked chick and all. I keep telling him that I'm a naked chick and that a bar is the last place I should go.

One time I went to Starbucks. That wasn't fun. Just getting there was more difficult than I'd imagine. They're right across the street. I left the house, and the sun was hot. The street where I live is busy, and all these cars were zooming by. Then, one car came to a halt, and the car behind it crashed into it. Glass flew, and hit me. That felt weird. But none of it broke my skin. So I pressed the pedestrian request button, and the light changed. Another car zoomed past, almost hitting me while it honked it's horn loudly. After safely crossing the street, I opened the door to the Starbucks. There were a few people in line ahead of me, but they stepped asside and let me go to the head of the line. Then, I ordered a triple-grande-latte, which is my favorite drink. It cost $3.50, I think. I gave them $4 and left the change in the little bucket. Let's just say, I left in a cop car, and I never got my drink or my money back. So you could imagine what would happen if I went to a bar.

I think I should have at least gotten my money back. But what would I know? I'm just a naked chick.

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Journal Journal: So I'm naked. So what? 6

So I'm a naked chick. Does that mean my opinion doesn't count? Why is that? That's just mean. I count just as much as anyone. Maybe even more because I choose to be naked when everyone else shuns me. Maybe I should run for governor of California. They could use a naked chick. It looks like I'd have some competition. Still, those chicks wear clothes. But what would I know? I'm just a naked chick.

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