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Comment Re:Ubuntu... (Score 1) 269

However NetworkManager and PulseAudio are a godsend. NetworkManager works like a charm - simplifying all that crazy stuff with juggling multiple wireless access points in different locations, each with their own network settings and wireless encryption setting. I set it up once per location and now I can just roam and have my network just work. And PulseAudio is great - I can play multiple audio streams and adjust volume for every application separately and also stream sound over the network with by just checking two boxes.

Then you are one of the folks who didn't get bitten by the issues with them. The past two releases have had wireless issues with Network Manager, and I've had Pulseaudio issues since they introduced it.

Ubuntu provides vision. They don't have to always be right, they just need to walk forward toward a goal they consider worthy and see if enough people go with them.

The more they put "vision" ahead of "practicality," as in "making the damn thing work," the fewer people will go with them. They are not Apple, and they need to lose the delusion that they are.

Comment Re:Useless shit (Score 1) 222

That's still very US centric. Apple has "mindshare" lately, it seems. And only 2% of total mobile phone sales, 15% on "smartphone" sales (with Nokia having half of that, and 37% of the total)

Behind Nokia there is Samsung with 20% (in a year, large part of their phones will suddenly be "smartphones"), LG 11%, SE & Motorola 5% both, (who knows how many more here, between 5 and 2%)

Comment Re:Useless shit (Score 1) 222

"revenues, profit and market capitalization" means only that given manufacturer rips its consumers off handily, if they can do it with such miniscule marketshare.

Nokia has 37% of global mobile phone sales (and BTW, they don't depend on Chinese sweatshops; they own all their manufacturing facilities, majority of them are not in China), Samsung 20%, LG 11%, SE & Motorola 5% each, (who knows how many here), Apple...2%. Plus don't forget about Symbian having half of smartphone market and Apple 15% of that, however poorly the category would be defined.

And yes, in the biggest and more serious battle, about access to radio technology behind mobile phones (to which also Nokia greatly contributed, not only them; they are probably the biggest contributor though, hence the main opponent for Apple...but also they don't have much to lose, due to some temporary turmoil, in the US; so I wouldn't be too surprised if other players basically "outsourced" this case to Nokia), the total share matters; radio modules are nowadays basically the same. Heck, quite a lot of "feature phones" built around touchscreens shows up recently...

Also, ask yourself why the much bigger players aren't "attacked" by Nokia. They have much more to gain if Nokia case was weak, many more radio modules sold...

Comment Re:BSA Says Software Theft Exceeded $51B - Meanwhi (Score 1) 350 realise the world is bigger than the USA right? Most countries, like the one I'm in, software costs 30-100+% more than it does there, even if we legally download the software from the same location as you do.

Oh, I do realize that... and in others, it costs less than it does here. Certain other countries have even been offered that cheaper incentive pricing to help combat piracy - and/or free to very cheap "get legit" pricing for those running pirated software. So yes... I considered MANY other countries, while you are simply using your own as an example.

Comment Re:Civ was my offline game (Score 1) 295

Civilization 5 will be released as a boxed version in retail stores as well. You will still be required to install Steam because 2K Games have chosen to use Steamworks with it.

When you install Steam you are required to be connected to the internet for it to look for updates, and to sign in to, or sign up for, an account.

Comment Re:Transparent is no lie (Score 1) 114

Google gets a lot of shit from Slashdot (which it should sometimes -- Google is large enough that it needs to be watched carefully), but I want to reach out and say "thank you." I read the ToS for my services and the EULAs for my software, and Google's are generally as fair as I see anywhere. No, they're not perfect, but when graded on a scale with other companies in its class, Google gets an easy "A."

Just wanted to let a Googler know that.

Comment Re:The eruption of the volcano in Iceland (Score 1) 1046

What I heard about the CO2 emissions from the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull is that the flights that were canceled would have emitted twice as much CO2 as the eruption was emitting. This eruption isn't nearly big enough to cause any significant global cooling. However when this volcano erupts then another, Katla, located nearby usually erupts as well and it could be a big enough eruption to cause global cooling.

One other factor in the eruption of Pinatubo in the Philippines was that it is located near the equator and had effects in both hemispheres. The Icelandic volcanoes might not have a lot of effect on the Southern Hemisphere regardless of what they do.

Comment Re:Dental hygiene (Score 1) 842

Floss at least once per day

Agree 100% with this one. Really wish my co-workers would floss. If you're not a regular 'flosser' note that when you first start your gums may bleed for a while. This will stop after a month or so once you've killed off / cleaned out the bacteria that has weakened your gums. If you find it hard you can start with 'glide' floss which is easier to use.

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