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Comment Re:Big Deal (Score 1) 355

Being an IT professional myself I see this all the time. Sometimes people just need to ask themselves, is there actually a benefit to having a computer system which no matter how well designed can go down just for the sake of being digital? To me, many times the cost and aggrivation doesnt always justify the "need"

Comment Poor Hollywod (Score 2, Insightful) 239

Some people need to realize it isn't just "the man" in hollywood. By ripping off shows and movies they are also hurting the folks who work with the CG departments, lighting and sound, construction etc. Many of these people make an average or slightly above average salary and when people don't pay for content these people suffer. With that being said, Hollywood needs to stop the blatant abuse of the copyright system. Fair use should be just that, FAIR. I should have the ability to use the content I paid for on any device and in any format I desire without jumping through the hoops of DRM. On top of that DRM servers are sure to go offline at some time due to age or greed which does nothing but force the consumer to re-buy what they already bought.

Comment Re:Chained to IE6 (Score 1) 416

Not everyone has the ability to change browsers on a whim. There are complicated systems in place at many organizations that simply CANT make the move no matter how much they would like to. We understand the headaches this causes to the rest of the world, but for example I work for a hospital and our PACS system (medical imaging) is a GE product that until recently ONLY worked with IE6 due to activex control requirements. Are you telling me we should abandon a multi million dollar setup just because you want me to use a new browser? Futhermore, we push the vendors to move forward but with FDA certificaton requirements what they are sometimes this is a long arduous process.

Comment I personally like TeamViewer (Score 1) 454

I use team viewer, www.teamviewer.com for most remote assistance things, it can be installed easily or you can select the option of just running it if you dont want the app left on the pc. It supports pc and mac, it has throwaway userid and password scheme so people dont worry about you getting in later. Its fast, its small....damn I sound like an ad. Best of all, its free for personal use! It also has the option of setting a static id and password if you want to get in to a machine over and over. It has also worked behind every firewall ive ever come across.
PlayStation (Games)

Are Game Consoles Ruining DLC? 399

A round-table discussion at Gametopius looks into the state of downloadable content for games as it has evolved over the past several years, going from an occasional, welcome supplement to being a common marketing strategy for most of the industry, frequently causing irritation over pricing and availability. "All of the map packs so far released for the Call of Duty games have been $10 each to download on consoles through closed networks, while PC gamers could download those same packs for free off of FileShack or somewhere else. Valve's own Team Fortress 2 has received a significant amount of DLC that's been completely free on the PC. Xbox owners of the same game, however, have only received perhaps half of that content, and they have had to pay for it in $5 packs. Why is this? The idea of this kind of content delivery was scarcely heard of on consoles, so console gamers see no reason not to pay for it. But on the PC, these amounts of content are usually just considered parts of patches. Furthermore, why pay for a few extra maps and costumes when modders are making and offering new ones for free all the time?"

Comment Re:practical limits? (Score 1) 496

802.11N is awesome. It's faster than 100Mb ethernet even in real world tests. But does it scale well even in dense office buildings? In a cube-farm scenario, where there are computers every five meters in every direction in 3D space, is it really possible to get 100Mb speed?

Security isn't there yet, either. Someone in the parking lot could still put up an access point which advertises itself as being part of your company network, and your users will connect to it. Doing it right is possible in theory (configure computers such that they will only connect to APs which have certificates issued by your company's PKI) but Windows doesn't allow you to lock down wireless in such a way.

Don't forget that's 100mbps HALF duplex and shared amongst everyone using it. And even that's in a perfect world with no interference and no retransmits.

Comment Re:They can either do it openly or covertly (Score 1) 353

No, your analogy sucks. There is a huge difference between a carrier marketing 30/5 and delivering 23/2 because of high load at times and them delivering 64k/s. I've not seen a single ISP that goes this bad. Man up to the fact that you can't expect 99.9% uptime and 99.9% of the speed they "promised" you.

They are not promising you shit, they try to get to x/x speeds and in my area its almost ALWAYS that speed, but I dont bitch when it drops 20-30% because of network congestion.

Hell, I bet you cant even tell when your speed drops if you were jerkin' it to speed tests all day.

/me runs to hide lest I be called a troll.

Comment Re:Tomato (Score 1) 272

> If you allow ssh access from the wide internet... Why would you do that?

`ssh -i ~/.ssh/myrouter.key root@my.router.ip '/usr/sbin/wol -i 00:11:22:33:44:55'` But there is no reason on earth to use SSH with password authentication. Ever. 4096bit keys with 30+ character passphrase is my standard at the moment.

Let me be the first to say it

Comment Re:Know what disgusts me ? (Score 0, Flamebait) 612

That is one of the worst analogies I've ever heard. You are honestly trying to compare being gay to being a foreign worker? By letting the H1B workers go first you are trying to protect the interests of your natural born citizens. By letting gays go first you are just being an asshole and closed minded.

Comment Re:Feh to the new UI (Score 1) 785

I think that people who have been using windows consistently get inured to it or something.

No, we just know where all the GUI configuration settings are located.

Here are your answers:

Things like trying to hide the program and system files from me

Turn on display of system files.

God-fucking-forbid there ever be an unused icon on my desktop!!!

Turn off desktop cleanup

Vista seems to take that philosphy to the extreme with the UAC

UAC can be shut off completely from the control panel, or selectively disabled.

and the seriously messed up control panel.

Switch to classic view


If you are turning all of the bu...er features off then tell me, what is the reason for the "upgrade" in the first place?

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