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Submission + - Can we live without JAVA, HTML5, FLASH etc?

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: I was wondering is it really possible to live without Java, HTML 5, Flash etc? I ask because back in my day the best way was to keep things simple.

The more developments the more security issues and yet again another security patch. I therefore wanted to ask users what you really feel about this? It seems like a dog chasing it's tail and there is no end in sight.

Do you now also think that coders/developers are being manipulated by marketing and advertisers to try and sell you something more (Part with your cash).

The question is do I feel alone in this respect? or is simplicity the best after all. Hell me landed men on the Moon with less than 2MB of RAM!

Submission + - Facebook - "Wants under 13's to use Facebook" (

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: The founder of Facebook says he will ‘fight’ to allow under-13s to use the social networking website – despite warnings it would put the most vulnerable children at risk.

At present, those under 13 are banned from Mark Zuckerberg’s site in Britain under a voluntary ‘good practice’ code.

In America the age limit, also of 13, is dictated by laws designed to protect young children, but Facebook’s 27-year-old billionaire creator believes the educational benefits of using the site mean the restrictions should be lifted.


Submission + - Better education from scientists 1

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: I know we have a section on education; however is it not worthwhile opening a section on Slashdot on Thesis?

Those people writing a dissertation for a Ph.D need Credit! Do you not agree that is would be incredibly interesting for dash slot to have a section like this beyond education so we can all learn idea's against convention of the normal idiot on the street?

Submission + - Sony Play Station Data Theft (

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: Fraudsters have obtained data on millions of online video gamers – including three million Britons — after targeting Sony’s PlayStation Network.

The electronics giant is contacting around 70 million customers warning that details including their names, addresses, dates of birth, passwords and security questions have been stolen.

Does this surprise us /. users, probably not as this feud has been escalating over the past year and finally it is boiling over. The question is, will Sony compensate users?


Submission + - Facebook murderer/social network warning (

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: Once again, we see another Murder and Rape after meeting on a social networking site, namely facebook. This guy could have killed more people, but he has only admitted to one, the investigation continues.

As a /. user I am highly dismayed that people need to use Social Networking sites. It is far easier to meet real people and not FAKE people who subscribe to this crap to get publicity and gain online friends. Is it just me being old school or do other people feel the same way?


Submission + - Save the BBC (Murdoch) The Empire Strikes Back (

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: What can I say; The BBC is considering sweeping cuts, cutting its website in half and dropping TV and radio stations. The reason: to enrich corporate media. According to a story in the Times, the proposal is a bid to "shrink" in order to "appease the BBC's rivals." If this goes forward, it's a giveaway to Rupert Murdoch, who sees the BBC as a threat to his profits.

The BBC is a global treasure. Public outcry has prevented BBC cuts before, now we can save it again! Sign the petition and pass it along — let's get to 100,000 signatures before we deliver it to the BBC Trust later this week, so they know the UK, and the world, want the Beeb to stand strong:

Lets give Murdoch a kick in the booty that he deserves. — petition

The BBC isn't perfect, but the people pushing for these cuts want to destroy it, not to improve it. The Times, owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, responded by calling for further cuts such as closing Radio 1. Last autumn, Rupert's son James Murdoch gave a speech calling for the BBC to be forced to become "far, far smaller".

Come on Ladies and Gentlemen, Home Boyz and Fly Girlz we cannot let this happen.

Today's cuts are proposed in a "strategic review" written by John Tate — co-author of the Conservative Party's manifesto, and now a BBC executive. If the goal is to reduce competition to corporate media outfits, this may just be the beginning.

Murdoch — the global media magnate — has long seen the BBC as his biggest rival, and his media outlets have assaulted the Labor government. Now, with the recession hurting profits and a UK election coming soon, he and his allies are on the attack.

We need greater investment in quality and originality by the BBC, not death by a thousand cuts. Let's raise all our voices to protect the Beeb, and deliver an overwhelming number of signatures to the BBC Trust this week — sign and spread the word to everyone:

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