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Comment The end for the southern coastal towns (Score 2) 307

I've long mused that despite the climate deniers howls, at some point we're going to hit an impasse. Due to historical reasons, we'll save New Orleans and other big name towns on the gulf coast in regions that sit at or below the water line.

However, if you're from some town nobody's ever heard of that's on the coast, you're pretty much fucked. If we believe the models and so far they've been spot on, every year some percentage of these towns are going to get flooded and/or walloped by hurricanes.

Each year the federal government and insurance agencies swoop in (for some value of swooping) and rebuild these towns. At some point insurance companies are going to cry uncle. They'll boost rates so high that literally nobody will be able to afford to rebuild. I could even see a situation where after a federal government has to step in and say "We're moving your entire community 50 miles in land and combining it with this other community" Why? Money and resources. At some point as wasteful as the government is, they're going to see the folly of rebuilding a town over and over and as the tide rises it's going to become less and less financially tenantable and take more and more resources.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 440

My house came with a washer and dryer and after the washer died I bought a front loading LG and I'll never go back to a top loader. The average time to run is ~42 minutes. Firstly it uses WAY less water and with the spin the clothes come out dry enough that they only need about 1/3 of the time to dry. Plus once it's warm enough we dry them on the clothes line.

Also having my tankless water heater a meter away from it means the water going in is nice and hot.

Comment The camera's aren't the hard part (Score 1) 82

Once you give officers cameras, you're going to need to store and make searchable the video and likely for a long period of time... Imagine an officer gets accused of excessive use of force it might be years before a jury sees that video..

Now just imagine a police force like the NYPD that has 35,000 officers... So... sounds like the NYPD or some company working for them is going to be in need of a ZFS admin!

Comment Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 124

You bought a device from a company that makes most of it's money from ads and you're surprised when it said device suddenly has ads... I'm not shocked about this and I'm surprised it took this long...

I'm just surprised it wasn't like "Hey, I've checked your schedule and you've got a couple free hours tonight, based on your movie preferences you'll like Beauty and the Beast! It's showing at a theater that's 1.5 miles away from you! Would you like to purchase advanced tickets?"

Comment Re:Horses and barns (Score 1) 32

Anonymous grousing, what the fuck ever. PAX put a stake through E3's heart years ago.

I'm yet to go to a PAX event that isn't packed to the gills with people. Every year in Boston they need to expand the venue.

Just keep telling yourself PAX {WEST, WEST, SOUTH, AUSTRALIA, DEV} isn't a thing... That they're not huge events with thousands of people attending.

I'm sure it'll make you feel better to keep reading the junk press releases.

Comment Re:Is it still the same server? (Score 4, Informative) 137

Since this machine is running VOS, and from the '93 time frame it's either an X/AR with i860's or a Continuum with PA-RISC. I'll spitball and say it's a Continuum.
These machines are not like desktops. The hardware and software is extremely tightly coupled. Multiyear uptimes are not uncommon on Stratus VOS machines.

Full disclosure, I'm a former Stratus Employee.

Comment How do they get to that 50k number? (Score 1) 381

I wish these numbers were better broken down.

How many construction workers are going to get jobs building the factory?
How many jobs are going to be people on the line doing line work?
How many jobs are going to be people in control booths running the massive machines cranking out screens?

Also, unless you're going to also be building a phone factory here as well, it seems a bit short sighted to make the screens here, but the cpu's in China or Korea and the bodies who knows where? China?

Until I see a bulldozer breaking ground I think Foxconn is just blowing smoke up JDT's ass.

Comment Guess whose reelection war chests are now full? (Score 1) 200

Clearly the cable companies don't like competing against hyper local internet providers who cater to their customers... Since they can't compete, they're next tactic is to simply make it illegal. How do they do this?

Thanks to bullshit like citizens united I can only speculate that the cable companies went door to door acting as citizens making large contributions to law makers who saw the world as they do.

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