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Comment Re:Wonder what microsoft paid for this? (Score 1) 472

I can't speak for all of IT, but I kind of fell into this line of work by accident. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, I like working on machines; it's the people I can't stand. Like the guy whose brand new pc comes back to me 2 weeks after I issued it to him because he was doing shit he shouldn't have been. So I have bump everything else I'm working on just to get this asshole set up again. Yeah, I resent having to redo work I just did, especially when I have 20 other things that need to get done.

Comment Re:Misconception of prison (Score 1) 859

See, I believe in everyone's potential. Pardon's are great for those that demonstrate it, but how about looking to demonstrate it to the ones that committed the crimes?

Limited budget arguments don't hold water for me. If we seriously thought about education, we could do more for less, and even have it pay for itself. I do believe in investing in children, and I believe in compassion. Everyone makes mistakes, and people will disagree where to draw the line on who to have compassion for. But regardless, lets give everyone a chance at a second chance. Not just throw them in schools for criminals with three hots and a cot.

  If they are truly mentally ill (unable to be capable of understanding the damage done) they should be exculpated. I still say that we should focus on healing them and continue to learn and explore. If they are not mentally ill (capable of understanding the damage done) then educate and help them understand. Until they do, they are a danger to society...

Comment Re:Without Copyright the GPL woudn't be necessary. (Score 3, Interesting) 944

I've reverse-engineered a lot of code from stripped object back to source. It got more difficult to do manually with some of the odd flows that RISC processors do and progressively more optimizing compilers, but it's hardly impossible. And there are fine tools to support it now.

Once you get to uncommented source for something where you roughly understand the program's function it's usually pretty easy to figure out what the author intended. Then you can comment it.

The fun part is finding errors. (I recall one where I was reverse-engineering a Unix driver and identified a place where the programmer had written (approximately) "if (a=b)" when he meant "if (a==b)". It was doubly fun to feed this back to a guy in the OS group - especially when I walked him through the code to the statement and he asked about a nearby assertion which had been conditionally not-compiled into the object that I was working from. He hadn't really internalized that I'd decompiled to source until I pointed out that I couldn't see the assertion. B-) )

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