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Comment Re:Move to Canada (Score 1) 1197

True, and fair enough. Taxes support the majority of the system, with wealthier people paying more.

That said, the US health care system is the most expensive in the world, according to Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning Economist and writer for the New York Times:

"Like denial management, however, marketing and underwriting cost a lot of money. McKinsey & Company, the consulting firm, recently released an important report dissecting the reasons America spends so much more on health care than other wealthy nations. One major factor is that we spend $98 billion a year in excess administrative costs, with more than half of the total accounted for by marketing and underwriting — costs that don’t exist in single-payer systems."

A huge portion of the money that Americans pay for health insurance is for administrative costs - every hospital negotiating with insurance companies over fees for procedures, etc. In fact, the reason it's so expensive is that it's not a unified system.

Comment Re:I'd pay for Hulu... (Score 1) 234

That is essentially it, as long as the value proposition (works like a DVR, commercials don't run longer than skipping through commercials on a DVR take, the price is the cost of internet access instead of internet + TV) then migration will happen;

Let say a reasonable HTPC w/ 1080p display costs $1500 and cable with a DVR costs $60 a month, hulu pays for your HTPC w/ new HDTV in about 2 years; Add to that a $5 a month fee for what used to be $15 a month HBO and hulu charging for premium content: Hulu w/ service, after the second year, saves the consumer ~ $850 a year

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