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Comment Re:Obstruction of justice (Score 5, Informative) 597

With the disclaimer that it's been a few years since I took torts and Con law (so take this with a grain of salt), sovereign immunity doesn't protect state actors from violations of civil rights. In fact, 42 USC 1983 specifically creates a federal cause of action for violation of federal constitutional and statutory rights. And it's not limited to just federal actors. It's "any person" who "under color of [authority]" deprives a person of their federal civil rights. If I remember correctly, the theory behind this statute is that the federal government can waive the states' sovereign immunity under the auspices of the 14th Amendment, since it came after the 11th Amendment, which solidified the states' sovereign immunity. So assuming everything is as it's stated in the summary, Rachner would have a federal cause of action against the police department.

Comment Re:See! (Score 1) 278

Yeah, but good luck finding a mobile data package with a decent data usage limit. In the UK at least the limits are stupidly low, even on the packages advertised as 'unlimited'. In some cases the 'unlimited' packages can have limits of 500MB/month and charge per the MB above that - and they get away with it because they told the Advertising Standards Authority that 500MB was more than any 'reasonable' person would use in a month.

Comment Re:EU Vehicle Tracking Plan (Score 1) 105

>Independance from US control is the second motivator.

Primary motivator. Galileo isn't a UK department for transport initiative, you know. In fact the UK, due to it's low funding, is a bit player. ( I'm from the UK and only got to work on Galileo because I was based in another country at the time )

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