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Submission + - Guy Fined For Posting Links To Official Broadcast ( 1

hcs_$reboot writes: Over in Sweden, it appears that a guy has been fined for linking to an online broadcast of a hockey game. We've heard stories of people getting in trouble merely for linking to unauthorized content, but this story is even more ridiculous. The guy wasn't linking to unauthorized content. He was linking to an online video feed from the official broadcaster, Canal Plus.
The issue was that Canal Plus was apparently technically incompetent in how they set up the feeds, and never intended to make the feeds public.

Submission + - UK law body targets RIAA style settlement letters (

PerformanceDude writes: The Register reports that a major UK law firm knew it sometimes had no reliable evidence of unlawful filesharing when it demanded hundreds of pounds damages from internet users, according to the solicitors' watchdog.

London-based Davenport Lyons threatened thousands of people with legal action for alleged copyright infringement between 2006 and 2009. They were told that by quickly paying around £500 damages, plus costs, they could avoid court.

Following complaints to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Davenport Lyons now stands accused of deliberately ignoring concerns over the standard of its evidence.


Submission + - New Material Can Store Vast Amounts Of Energy (

ElectricSteve writes: Using super-high pressures similar to those found deep in the Earth or on a giant planet, researchers from Washington State University (WSU) have created a compact, never-before-seen material capable of storing vast amounts of energy. Described by one of the researchers as “the most condensed form of energy storage outside of nuclear energy,” the material holds potential for creating a new class of energetic materials or fuels, an energy storage device, super-oxidizing materials for destroying chemical and biological agents, and high temperature superconductors.

Submission + - Major Facebook Security Hole Discovered 2

adeelarshad82 writes: A major security hole in Facebook has been discovered. Ironically, the source of this vulnerability is Facebook's own much-vaunted security "improvements." A video shows how you can view pending friend requests and chat history for any of your friends. Facebook Chat is down at the moment (coincidence? probably not). Unfortunately this isn't the only security hole in Facebook, another one was recently discovered which lets you retrieve the full name and Facebook URL for any account holder, given nothing but the Facebook ID number.

Comment Nice idea but I think it'll suck (Score 2, Insightful) 62

Part of the problem is tactile feedback, since you need to locate buttons by touch during a game. However I think durability might be an issue. People tend to be hard on their game controllers and I can't see a touch screen holding up to the same kind of abuse as buttons.

I like the idea of a reconfigurable controller, I don't don't think we have good tech for it yet.

Comment Re:Out of curiosity... (Score 1) 211

It could even be built into the Windows Firewall, though you'd have to break it into a separate "enable" option per application to avoid trojans that the user expects to allow access to the internet but is actually sending spam.

Rather than "OK" or "Cancel" the buttons should be labeled "I Am Sending an E-Mail" and "I Did Not Send an E-Mail".

Comment Re:What does "iPhone killer" even mean? (Score 3, Interesting) 347

GP does get a key point: The software is key. Carriers (and freaking Verizon in particular) in the US simply refused to understand this. They build the network, while all the innovation is in the handsets and the software, but for some reason, US carriers seem to think they are the true innovators and handset providers are fluff. Now that Verizon has screwed up on handsets for three years straight, they finally realize that their strength is simply the network they build. Maybe they've been listening to their own adds. They're finally going to ship a modern phone, without screwing up the software first. Stupidity at Verizon may be going out of style.

Anyway, as said before on slashdot, Android vs iPhone is just like Windows vs Mac all over again. With Verizon on board, Motorola building 20 new Android phones next year, and 50 Android sets in the works around the world, Android is set to finally deliver on it's promise of unifying the software across a broad spectrum of handsets. There wont be any single iPhone killer, just as no single PC was ever a Mac killer. However, I see nothing that can stop Android from becoming the world's dominant smart phone OS.

The Motorola Droid isn't quite as exciting of a device as the Sony Xperia X10. I suspect we'll keep seeing Android based "iPhone killers" plunk away until Adroid wins the race.

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