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Journal MyLongNickName's Journal: First metamod 4

I got my first two meta-mod's today. I was very surprised and excited. Slashdot has a great business model... lots of us willing to work for free, and are very excited about it. Kinda sad in a way...

Anyhow, the first set, I modded 4 as fair, 2 as unfair, and left the rest alone. The second set I got, I modded 9 as fair, 1 I left alone (decided not to mod funnies, as I guess anything is funny to the right person...)

Kinda curious to see how others choose to moderate...

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First metamod

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  • What amazes me the most about when I first saw the metamod link on the front page was how fast it came around. They only take the oldest 92.5% of accounts according to the FAQ, which means when I registered, I needed to wait for another 66,311 accounts to be created before I was eligible.

    I've been a member for about six months, and I got my first metamod link two weeks ago (and my first mod points last week, btw, so start looking for those :). To think that /. gets new user accounts at a rate of ~400 a D

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