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Submission + - 5-year worth of security report released ( 1

Taco Cowboy writes: A FIVE-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE STUDY into the security landscape has found that incidents and attacks are growing in number and sophistication

The document, McAfee Labs Report Reviews Five Years of Hardware and Software Threat Evolution (PDF) is a wide-ranging look at the threat network out there, and a look back over some of the more infamous assaults on industry. The hack on T.J. Maxx gets a very early mention

there were 9.4 million security incidents in 2010, and 42.8 million in 2014, and that a "perfect storm" is coming because of a combination of human beings, greed, malware, espionage, wearables, the cloud and the internet
Connected devices, for example, have shot up in use over the period, from five billion in 2010 to 16.3 billion now. The use of wearables has tripled in just two years to 146 million, while the Internet of Things has gone from 800 million devices in 2010 to 1.5 billion today

At first, these threats were a concern mostly for governments, financial institutions and security vendors, but they are now a major concern for enterprises and consumers, as they can significantly impact the value of businesses and can cause major headaches in our personal lives

The report also takes in the past three months, which is what these quarterly reports usually do. McAfee found that ransomware is growing at a rapid pace, increasing by 50 percent against the previous quarter and 127 percent against the same quarter last year

Mobile malware attacks have increased by 17 percent against Q1, but infections have fallen by one percent. Spam is also falling, but other flavours of attack are not. McAfee found that there are 6.7 million attempts made to lure people to bad URLs, and 19.2 million infected files slung around, every single bloody hour

Submission + - XKCD Webcomic Reaches 1000 Milestone

jcreus writes: With the last comic, xkcd has reached the kilocomic milestone. Still, as the webcomic says, some comics left for the first kibicomic! xkcd is probably the best-known geek webcomic, referenced so many times on Slashdot.

Submission + - Microsoft Windows Completes 15 Years Today! (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft released first version of Windows on 20 November 1985. In 15 years journey Microsoft released best versions like XP, Windows 7, Mobile versi

Submission + - OnLive One Step Closer (

hysma writes: It looks like OnLive, the remote gaming system that steams HD video over the Internet, is one step closer to becoming reality, according to an article on DSL Reports in response to a presentation by Founder & CEO Steve Perlman at Columbia University.

Submission + - Firefox Automatically Disables Microsoft Addon ( 1

Sasayaki writes: After it was revealed that the .net update to Firefox pushed through Windows Update left the browser vulnerable, Windows users today discovered that their browser had automatically disabled and blocked that addon (you could 'opt-in' again if you wanted). An interesting move- will Microsoft take it laying down?
The Internet

The Downsides to Digital Distribution 371

The gaming industry's ongoing shift from physical media to direct downloads has made buying new titles much more convenient, and in some cases cheaper. However, as this article in The Escapist notes, there are downsides as well, such as an increased dependence on console makers and the inability to sell your used games. Quoting: "Microsoft and Sony might end up charging publishers an arm and a leg to enable game downloads, especially as they gain more and more control over distribution. Think about it: What if, 10 years from now, 50 percent of software sales for Microsoft's latest console come through Xbox Live? Or, in an even scarier scenario for consumers, what if there is no physical media drive at all, and everything goes through Xbox Live? Sony's marriage to the Blu-ray format ensures its continued support of game discs, but Microsoft has no such restrictions. They could cut console production costs and take control over the entire supply chain in one fell swoop. There would be zero room for publishers to negotiate anything in such a de facto monopoly. The perfect comparison is Wal-Mart. As the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart is able to demand pretty much whatever it wants of suppliers because it grants access to such large numbers of consumers."

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